I Want To Marry My Boyfriend, But There Is A Problem

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    This girl’s called Amy, and her story doesn’t have a happy ending. Nevertheless, she still hopes that things will work out one day.
    Amy met her boyfriend Alex when they were both just 14. They took piano lessons with the same teacher, so they met at her house several times a month, when his class was finishing and her was about to start. They didn’t even get to know each others’ names for the first two months. But then they chatted once or twice, then they started texting each other, and quite soon she realized that she was in love!
    She felt that he really liked her too, so they started dating, and they both soon became convinced that they were made for each other. Amy knows there are a lot of teenagers who say that after two weeks together and often it’s not really the case. But after a couple of weeks of their relationship they didn’t even have to speak to understand how the other one felt. Amy was really sure that she had found her soulmate, and she still is.
    Months passed, and they spent more and more time together. Alex’s birthday is in March, and Amy’s is in April, with the dates being really close, so they turned 15 together, then 16, and…their love did not diminish. It still gets stronger and stronger every day.
    So about three months ago Alex...proposed to her! First she was shocked because, even though she knew that they would be together for a long long time, she’d still never expected it at that moment. But…she said yes. She knew she wanted a family with him, she just didn’t think it would be that soon.
    But okay, they’re both sixteen, and they’re not allowed to get married by law…so that was the first thing she said to him, still in tears of happiness. He said that now they were engaged, they’d just wait for a year and a half, prepare everything and get married the following April - the day she turned eighteen. It all sounded so beautiful.
    So now she’s getting closer to the problem. Amy’s parents were always totally fine with her relationship. Her mom and dad loved Alex, and they were always happy to see him in their house. The same thing was true with his parents. They’re both artists and Amy thinks they’re amazing people, and it seems that they liked her from the very beginning too. And Alex said they supported his decision to propose.
    But for some reason she was a bit scared to tell her parents. It took her several days to find the courage to talk to her mom about it, because, you know…she had no idea how she would react.
    Her mom was quite surprised of course, but she wasn’t negative. At first she thought they wanted to get married right away, but then she explained the plan to her. Deep down Amy felt that her mom was quite happy to hear all of this. She doesn’t reveal how she’s feeling very often, so she couldn’t imagine her jumping around the room, screaming with joy. But she was quite positive, and she started talking about responsibility and that she had to be certain about her true feelings…and at that moment Amy didn’t like the way she was being so rational, but now she understands that these are just the kind of things mothers say.
    Now Amy is sure that her Mom understands and supports her. After all, she was only twenty when she married her dad, and he was just twenty one.
    But they both knew he might have a hard time with the news. Her mom suggested that she talk to him about it first - you know, to get him ready. But Amy said that it was her decision and that she should talk to her dad herself.
    For the next week she was too scared to start the conversation. Meanwhile, she and Alex were already thinking about their guests, about the location and the ceremony, the dress…she knows that they still have a lot of time, but they want everything to be unforgettable!
    So one day she and her parents were having dinner, when she finally decided to reveal all. She tried to be bold and confident as she said: “Alex and I want to get married”. And then…after a long pause… her dad just laughed. He thought it was a joke!
    He laughed for a while, but then he looked at her mom, and realized everything was for real. He was silent for about ten seconds, but then… he just exploded. She doesn’t really want to think about it, but in short, his point was that she first ought to graduate from college, which was at least 4 years away, and over time they would see what kind of guy Alex was... she’d thought they got on really well, but obviously that had just been an illusion. “And even after college”, he shouted, “it would still be way too early!”
    Amy felt so bad she started crying...
    If you want to know what will happen next, watch the video to the end!
    Music by Epidemic Sound: www.epidemicsound.com
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    If you have any advice for Alex, please leave it in the comments! She believes love always wins, so she’s sure that everything’s going to be fine one day!
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    • koebells
      koebells 4 tuntia sitten

      ACTUALLY HAPPENED her name is Amy lmao

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      Freefall Gaming 8 tuntia sitten

      +Dorka Eszter Becsjanszki How are you typing? But good luck

    • Abbegayle Parrett
      Abbegayle Parrett 17 tuntia sitten

      move in with your boyfriend dont stop talking to you family just give them time

    • Maria Jones
      Maria Jones 22 tuntia sitten

      Follow ur heart if you really and truly love him u should Ur plan sounds amazing and soon ur dad will understand after all you are still his little girl even tho u may be getting older he just doesnt want to let u go but hes going to have to follow ur heart ans go with him 💖💖💖💗💗💗

    • Savage Stingy
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      Just die and fucc off

  • Elizna Heystek
    Elizna Heystek Tunti sitten

    Gust day for 6 and a have yeers du

  • ines GUERIRI
    ines GUERIRI Tunti sitten

    Isn't 18 just a little soon. Don't you want to finish school and get a job💕 but it's your desision and I won't judge you

  • SJ Duh
    SJ Duh Tunti sitten

    This was posted on my birthday 🎉

  • Assia EB
    Assia EB Tunti sitten

    I totally agree with her dad, would never allow my kid to get married at such a young age, they are still kids

  • Stolen Queen
    Stolen Queen 2 tuntia sitten

    girl, I am Indian, my parents want an arranged marriage + at the age of 28, so I find you in a better place than mine, but still all the best for your future.

    CLASHER 2 tuntia sitten

    So, her birthday is April 1

  • Nora Subratty
    Nora Subratty 2 tuntia sitten

    Maybe you shouldn’t have told him then when you turned eighteen and finished graduating you could tell him then he would understand that one you have graduated and two you are old enough to make your own decisions

  • Fred Garcia
    Fred Garcia 2 tuntia sitten

    As long as da love is there no matter how many years go by then it doesn't matter why anyone say.. n to be real once ya hit tht age then parent cant say NOTHING

  • multi vids
    multi vids 2 tuntia sitten

    clearly he must really love you to want to marry you. and it’s not like you’ve only been dating for 2 weeks. you’ve been together for literally 2 years. and i think it’s a good idea that you both decided to wait until legal age. that shows you’ve really thought about this and are serious. and it also gives you both plenty of time to plan the perfect wedding so you’re not rushing into things. your dad doesn’t control how you feel. and once you turn 18 he can’t do anything to stop you two from being together. he can’t force you to not marry him. just know you did nothing wrong and your dad is just gonna have to accept that you two love each other and want to start a live together. wish you both the best ❤️

  • Kayson Mueller
    Kayson Mueller 2 tuntia sitten +1

    Hide your dad in a coffin

  • Splash Gaming
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  • Caóimhe G
    Caóimhe G 3 tuntia sitten

    Call me old fashioned but I definitely think Alex should have spoken to the parents first and asked for permission - at least it would've given him a chance to properly explain his side of things and shown that it was well thought out and not spur of the moment

  • III Nixk III 2
    III Nixk III 2 3 tuntia sitten

    I have some advice bitch, fucking end it all, just kill yourself

  • Gabriel Carrillo
    Gabriel Carrillo 3 tuntia sitten +1

    Their been times I seen this give by our dad time and still plan your wedding secret that sometimes it can be hard when it come to love maybe take some time to calm about this and your dad should take time to calm about this too

  • Arno Stepman
    Arno Stepman 3 tuntia sitten

    I'm 15 and never even had a girlfriend🤓so...☻

  • Nandita bty
    Nandita bty 3 tuntia sitten

    You are too young to get married. Your dad is right you need to get an education and a job. Both of you are too young. You two love each other so you can be together but marriage is s big responsibility. Why are you in such a hurry to get married and that too at such an young age. You should have an ambition to succeed in life instead of planning to get married. If you two love each other of course you can survive these years together without being married. Now just help each other in realising your dreams.

  • BeastMode 666
    BeastMode 666 3 tuntia sitten

    I'm reading comments Actually Happened

  • Kate Anderson
    Kate Anderson 4 tuntia sitten

    amy just tell your dad that this is your life not his and he cant control that and he cant just take Alex's love away from you and say that when you're 18 you wont have to listen to his rules anymore because you'll be legally a grown up

  • Sophie Jephcote
    Sophie Jephcote 5 tuntia sitten

    You should have Alex spend quality time with your dad he’ll start to see how much he loves you and he might soften up a bit xx

  • Sugar puff3334
    Sugar puff3334 5 tuntia sitten

    marry him ples

  • Scream out LOUD!
    Scream out LOUD! 5 tuntia sitten

    There is a problem.
    You look about 16 years old, I’m pretty sure that’s too young to get married

  • Jade WasNotHere
    Jade WasNotHere 5 tuntia sitten

    Just wait gurl

  • BURCUS Donut
    BURCUS Donut 6 tuntia sitten

    Just kill both of you.
    You dont have to worry about getting married if your dead.

  • Jayme-lee Jones
    Jayme-lee Jones 7 tuntia sitten +1

    Give your dad some time and say what was your wedding like? I was just wondering please don’t get mad. And if it was great say dad I will love to be as happy as you and mom. But at the end of the day it’s your decision.good luck :) hope the best for your future

  • 방탄소년단 TAEHYUNG
    방탄소년단 TAEHYUNG 8 tuntia sitten

    Something went out of my butt..it smells bad....


  • Nicu Bejat
    Nicu Bejat 8 tuntia sitten

    Maybe go to ur room and stay there for hours and cry until ur dad feel sorry for u then he will let u marry him that's what I did and I worked so well and now Jackson and I are together😀PLS try that!!

  • Jamison Jamison
    Jamison Jamison 8 tuntia sitten

    That's not fair you doing the whetting no matter what

  • Aubrey Unknown
    Aubrey Unknown 8 tuntia sitten

    When you are 18 your parents can’t tell you what to do so so what you want to do, love always wins

  • Neetha John
    Neetha John 8 tuntia sitten

    You are still considered a child.... and for your information child marriage is prohibited @16

  • Kirsna Antiqueza
    Kirsna Antiqueza 9 tuntia sitten

    If you can't marry until college, I can't marry till I'm 30. And you're SIXTEEN. Atleast just half of the years I have to wait till I can get into a relationship. Your dad is right, you're too young. He was furious because as your father, he wouldn't want you to follow after his footsteps (as my dad says all the time, my parents had me when my dad was only 19). He made a mistake, ofc that doesn't mean YOU'RE a mjstake bc you're not. He just doesn't want you to go through all the pain and suffering he had to go through. Remember that he only loves you which is why is he's mad at you. And, my parents only want me to marry when I already make money for myself, or just have a stable but good paying job before I decide to find a love for myself. Think about your future. If you're willing to wait till you're 18... how will you raise your children? Beside s if you don't finish collegr it'll be hard to find a job with certain proffessions. Think rationally, don't be a brat, you're only 16.
    And I'm sorry I'm only 12.

  • Emily Wright
    Emily Wright 10 tuntia sitten

    You should still get married invite your father to the wedding and then its his choice he cant stop you from being happy

  • June Øksnes skraamo
    June Øksnes skraamo 10 tuntia sitten

    She have more right to decide self!!!!

  • Liza Guria
    Liza Guria 10 tuntia sitten

    First learn to stand on your own feet and set your career , then marry your boyfriend. Your father did the right thing.

  • Myrthex M000jj
    Myrthex M000jj 10 tuntia sitten

    By that time you are an adult so he can't really do anything about it

  • Lucy Unicorn
    Lucy Unicorn 10 tuntia sitten

    Do it get married

  • Mia Yu
    Mia Yu 10 tuntia sitten

    What he meant by it's too early is that the got married probably in 1978 but you are in 2019

  • Reesy Mahia - Min
    Reesy Mahia - Min 11 tuntia sitten

    First of all, congratulations!!! Secondly, Your dad clearly loves you a lot and doesn't want you to make a decision that you may regret later he only wishes the best for you and your future. He may also have a slight worry that you may move away and forget about him, he might feel that he could lose you in letting you go through with your marriage? But then I don't know.. Just a thought once again congratulations

  • Phineapple Babe
    Phineapple Babe 11 tuntia sitten

    My advice is *durmroll* JUST DONT GET MARRIED

  • Lena and baliey
    Lena and baliey 12 tuntia sitten

    No offence but that way to young oml

  • Kate_Great
    Kate_Great 14 tuntia sitten

    Girl you don't sound a day over 12

  • Maleah Fennessey
    Maleah Fennessey 15 tuntia sitten

    My advice to you is to respect your dads decision, understand that you can still be together even if you are not married, to understand how being married changes a relationship, and to have a chocolate wedding cake (unless, of course, you don't like chocolate)! :)

  • KitKat Cat
    KitKat Cat 15 tuntia sitten

    My birthday is on April first too.

  • Angel Chubb
    Angel Chubb 15 tuntia sitten

    You should just tell them “you should be happy for me I ain’t that little girl you loved anymore, either your happy or not ..” sorry if that was ruff but prayers that you will be happy and get married 🙏🏻

  • Remember When?
    Remember When? 15 tuntia sitten

    everyone sounds like they had a lover before then there is people like me who are like wait what.

  • Emily Mariscal
    Emily Mariscal 16 tuntia sitten

    Darling your story is touching but don't do it ..oh my gosh...I'm telling you...people change ..you want that education first and foremost.. and then when he's still there with you after you graduate then get married sweetie ..life is hard enough don't chain yourself up to a marriage so young believe me... Go to school...if he loves you he will wait .

  • Sensation Shanti
    Sensation Shanti 16 tuntia sitten

    Girl...first you sound 8....second....you got engaged at 16

  • Slime Ayala Ayala
    Slime Ayala Ayala 16 tuntia sitten

    Your dad was right but he wasn’t really right I love a good path

  • mehriban yusifzade
    mehriban yusifzade 16 tuntia sitten

    Ooh boy... From what it sounds like you guys are not even living together yet and trust me: living together changes a lot of things. You guys may feel like you know each other very well but it's not true until you see each other 24/7 for YEARS. I'm not saying it's not gonna work out but you both are really too young to think about marriage.
    Also, ask yourself this: why is it so urgent that you guys get married at 18? Why the rush if you both know it's going to happen anyway eventually? Marriage is not just a stamp of proof that you love each other, it's sacred and it's a great responsibility: both legally and morally. You have to make sure that your partner is your close friend FIRST, then a lover.
    And I think that's your father's point, even though he put it not in the best way - it is indeed too early. Your parents may have had a reason to marry early because of "different times". The reason he's angry is because he understands these things and wants the best for you, not because he hates your boyfriend.

  • John Cena
    John Cena 16 tuntia sitten

    Screw your dad tell I’m getting married to Alex no matter what period then leave the room

  • Smith Dylan
    Smith Dylan 16 tuntia sitten

    The first time I got married was In the 4th grade (last year)
    The 2nd time I proposed to m my ex gf but called it off
    Now I’m dating her best freind

    Hotel trivago 😂❤️🤪🖕🏼🖕🏼😁😁💯😄♥️😄🍒😄🍵😭🤪😂🤣🖕🏼

    She also has a big. 🍑

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina 16 tuntia sitten

    So let me tell you a story.
    I am going to a wedding in June for a college friend of my boyfriend's and I. You see even though we want to get married one day ourselves we still think our friend is too young (at 23) to be getting married. But I've realized it might be the right time for him and just not for us.
    Back in around the 80's the average age of marriage was around 22 nowadays it's 28 which is what your dad meant by "the times were different".
    That doesn't inherently mean that you have to wait until 28 to get married but getting married right at 18 might be rushing it. It might be a good idea to wait a bit, go to college and see how your relationship goes on with larger changes in your life. If you are really sure about marrying him what is the harm in waiting a little while longer, according to your story you have all the time in the world so slow down and just enjoy being young with your boyfriend before taking on such a huge commitment.

  • super nova's Galaxy and The galaxy krew

    If ur parents are saying that keep earning good things and ur parents might let u

  • EmilyOnlyHas Money
    EmilyOnlyHas Money 17 tuntia sitten

    Task your dad what does 'the times were different' means. And if he can't come up with an answer, be kind but say like 'exactly' or 's why not?'. That's my advice. Good luck!!

  • Haunter34
    Haunter34 17 tuntia sitten

    The times were different means that in the old days you could get married at a young age

  • Samuel Hampton
    Samuel Hampton 17 tuntia sitten

    Just wait till after college

  • Satia Byrd
    Satia Byrd 18 tuntia sitten +1

    I Have Advice. Marry Alex anyway, its your decision and at 16 your old enough to make your own decisions. I dont have the same father figure in my life but eventually he will accept it

  • Xiomara Ortiz
    Xiomara Ortiz 18 tuntia sitten

    Are you serious who gets Married at 18 years old are you meantly dumb

  • Kpop Yeah
    Kpop Yeah 18 tuntia sitten

    Match made in heaven but also for the dad, from the boy; "why ya gotta be so rudeee don't you know im human too" 😂 uts song lyrics for the people who don't know

  • nepthalie forty
    nepthalie forty 18 tuntia sitten

    tell your dad how you feel and maybe he can change his mind

  • Sarah Childers
    Sarah Childers 18 tuntia sitten

    Don't worry

  • CraftyCari
    CraftyCari 18 tuntia sitten

    I want to marry my boyfriend but I don't have one

  • Alexis Calderon
    Alexis Calderon 19 tuntia sitten

    Sounds about white

  • Kaya Thomas
    Kaya Thomas 19 tuntia sitten

    Maybe they got married because they were pregnant with you and just dont want to tell you. Or maybe they got married because of something other that love

  • Allanah Galueva
    Allanah Galueva 19 tuntia sitten

    My bday is on March 31

  • Alina Dayana Rasheed
    Alina Dayana Rasheed 19 tuntia sitten

    I watch a show called Downton Abbey one of the character Sybil she wanted to marry a guy but she was not allowed to marry him but she was brave she stood up and said you can do anything about it you can lock me up till I die yeah she will miss her family but she still had contact with them the thing is she was brave you can be brave like her.

  • Kim Miller
    Kim Miller 19 tuntia sitten


  • Just Kyla 123
    Just Kyla 123 20 tuntia sitten

    your 16 yall need to take your time and grow and not plan to far ahead because yall dont know what might happen in those few years yall to young yall younger than my brother and hes not think of marriage at his age like be boyfriend and girlfriend but hell to the naw dont get married yet .

  • Thats Just Leanne
    Thats Just Leanne 20 tuntia sitten

    From my take your dad is afraid that you'll get hurt because your boyfriends hormones could change and he could cheat or something. If it works out in a year or what not, it should surprise your dad and he'll feel a lot better. Good luck!!!

  • goldy love
    goldy love 20 tuntia sitten

    My great grandma made my grandma get married to a 26 year old and she was 16!!!

  • Meteor 10
    Meteor 10 20 tuntia sitten

    marry him now matter what

  • Ines Mrzk
    Ines Mrzk 20 tuntia sitten

    That dad is kind for not killing

  • Sara mae
    Sara mae 20 tuntia sitten +1

    You should say something like if u truly love and support me and you want me to be happy let me marry him soulmates are once and a lifetime and you cant let it slip away

  • Blueberry Marf
    Blueberry Marf 20 tuntia sitten

    What the fuck

  • Rylee Oneill
    Rylee Oneill 21 tunti sitten

    The day of your wedding he won't be able to not go to his little girls wedding so he will be there just wait I promise

  • Coolpeaps Cat lover fortnite player

    Don’t get married at 16
    That’s my advice for you!

  • Ninjalol Lala
    Ninjalol Lala 21 tunti sitten

    Just Marry him who care what people think

  • Orest Qystri
    Orest Qystri 21 tunti sitten +2

    God damn you are only 16 ffs why you wanna get married so much you have a lot of time ahead

  • Adr Val
    Adr Val 21 tunti sitten

    Once you turn 18 they don't have legal rights to take control of you so you could get married once you turn 18

  • Dunja Timotijevic
    Dunja Timotijevic 21 tunti sitten

    Just tell him how much it means to you and that you don't want to fight with him bc you found someone you love

  • legendary sayain Broly
    legendary sayain Broly 21 tunti sitten

    Just ellop run away and marry Alex but one keep ur mom in ur life idiot

  • Sara Jackson
    Sara Jackson 22 tuntia sitten

    Alex I understand ur a family person and I am to and you need to understand u father is going through the phase all fathers will of losing their baby girl I mean my dad went through the same thing a month ago when I started dating my boyfriend and this is dating just give him time he will respect ur decision eventually and as long as u stay strong u can get through this when u turn 18 it’s your life but listen to ur mom as well and make sure u both r in ur right minds so no one gets hurt u got this girl ❤️

  • Boffy Playz
    Boffy Playz 22 tuntia sitten

    I would say talk to your dad calmly with your mom and your boyfriend next to you, I hope this helps... ik I’m only 10 but I hope to help ❤️

  • Suck your mom
    Suck your mom 22 tuntia sitten

    Sad nigga hours

  • Lizzy Mcguier
    Lizzy Mcguier 22 tuntia sitten +1

    Get married without his blessing fuck him if you're in love

  • Drew Shortal
    Drew Shortal 22 tuntia sitten

    Love always wins and follow your dreams and get married ok I hope it goes well

  • said saido
    said saido 22 tuntia sitten

    My opinion is to get married at 20 like your mum

  • Roblox Vibes
    Roblox Vibes 22 tuntia sitten

    My advice is if you truly love him go for it, eventually your father will grasp onto what’s happening and will be okay with it. And if not, your with who makes you happiest.

  • Raq sam az
    Raq sam az 22 tuntia sitten +4

    Umm excuse me but that story sounds ridiciolous

  • Halfpep The Gamer
    Halfpep The Gamer 23 tuntia sitten

    I suggest you wait at least until you are 18 then move out of your house and/or to college then you can do whatever you want as you are a legal adult.

  • Cozzoty *
    Cozzoty * 23 tuntia sitten


  • Shay Love
    Shay Love 23 tuntia sitten

    i want my story told. but i need more than one to tell my story. my life should be a lifetime movie.

  • Kaily K
    Kaily K 23 tuntia sitten

    Make sure you try 2 make your dad go he will regret

  • Lejla Lusk
    Lejla Lusk 23 tuntia sitten

    Do what you want and love , ya your dad will be mad but when you turn 18 your an adult and can make your own choices😐☺☺😀💝💝💝

  • Jane Phillips
    Jane Phillips 23 tuntia sitten +1

    My birthday is on April the 17th

  • mr xp
    mr xp 23 tuntia sitten

    Answer is easy in fact there are two solutions that I consider you and Alex as your father said for four years or ask to be a fiancee Alex until the study ends and stay and then marry (note : i speak arabic not english i translate my comment i hope the comment not have mistake)

  • Zazzinator
    Zazzinator Päivä sitten

    I want a boyfriend


  • Moono Simundivwi
    Moono Simundivwi Päivä sitten

    Trust me girl go to college if he loves u , he will understand ur decision and wait for u 🤗

  • Thanujan Thavaratnam
    Thanujan Thavaratnam Päivä sitten

    Maybe show how much you love each other to your dad

  • Lps Siena
    Lps Siena Päivä sitten

    Just get married do what makes u happy and Alex to its not all what others want u matter to even its ur parents the ones who understand will help you do what make you happy