12 Strange Behaviors That Are Normal in Other Countries

  • Julkaistu 27.11.2018
  • Did you know that the “okay” sign means “money” in Japan, “zero” in France, and is even considered a sexual insult in Brazil? Yikes! That's definitely not a situation you wanna find yourself in! Culture and location sure can make a difference when it comes to appropriate behavior and gestures.
    Every country has its own laws, traditions, rules, and specific features that might seem strange and even shocking to the people of other cultures. For example, did you know that in Denmark, people have picnics in cemeteries? Or that Tibetans show their tongue to greet others? Or that the Vietnamese consider crossed fingers offensive? Our world is amazing and unique and that’s what Bright Side keeps reminding our readers. The following 16 facts confirm this statement.
    In Demark, people have picnics in cemeteries 0:47
    People in Thailand don't let others touch their head 1:32
    In many Muslim countries, the left hand is considered the “dirty” one 2:13
    In Norway, people don't compliment others to their face 2:43
    People in Malaysia point with their thumb 3:15
    Koreans don't write names in red 3:43
    In Australia, sitting in the back of a taxi is rude 4:20
    Tibetans show their tongue to greet others 4:55
    People in China celebrate their birthday according to the Lunar calendar 5:35
    The Vietnamese consider crossed fingers offensive 6:09
    Indians don't say “thank you” too often 6:35
    Maasai tribe members spit at each other to show respect 7:11
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    - For most of us, a cemetery is reserved for grieving families and an overall gloomy atmosphere. But believe it or not, it's not that uncommon to see a happy Danish family having a picnic or a young couple sunbathing there!
    - In many countries, patting someone on the head is a sign of approval and care, but that’s not the case in Thailand. Thai people strongly believe that the head is the most sacred and important part of the body where your soul resides.
    - Muslims usually use their left hand to clean themselves after going to the bathroom. You must use your right hand for greeting people and eating meals.
    - People in Norway are way more subtle with their compliments than, say, Americans are. They don't really like to put others on the spot and make them feel embarrassed by their words.
    - In Malaysia, pointing at someone with your index finger is considered really rude and offensive. You can kinda get away with this if you point at an animal or an object. But when it comes to people, Malaysians use another hand gesture.
    - In a lot of countries, it’s perfectly fine to use red ink to make someone's written name even more noticeable. In South Korea, though, locals would never do something like that. This superstition goes back to the times when red ink was used to write deceased people's names on the family register.
    - In the U.S., sitting in the front passenger seat next to the taxi driver would be really weird. That’s why it’s more common in America to sit in the back of the taxi. But in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, and the Netherlands, sitting in the back can be considered impolite.
    - If you go to Tibet, you're guaranteed to have fun every time you meet someone simply because Tibetans often stick their tongue out to say “hello”! This strange tradition originates from past times.
    - People in China add one year to their total age on their Lunar New Year's Day. That's why people in China can be one or even two years older in their age-counting system than in the international one.
    - In Vietnam, crossing your index and middle fingers over each other represents genitals, obviously making it an incredibly offensive gesture to show someone.
    - Indians take “thank you” way more seriously! If you say it in the wrong context, where it’ll sound insincere, it may even get you into trouble.
    - For the Maasai people of Kenya and northern Tanzania, spitting at one another is seen as a sign of blessing and respect. They also often spit on their palms before shaking hands.
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    BRIGHT SIDE  2 kuukautta sitten +1606

    Where is everybody from? 🙂
    Here's more crazy things about other countries: ficlips.com/video/k7vz01_mmxk/videot.html&t=1s

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      I’m asian

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      I am from a galacse far far away!

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    All fake

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    i am from south africa

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    No way you are describing about tibet and the picture of Nepal and nepalese 😎

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    I am from Indonesia

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    Irina Goltzman 18 minuuttia sitten

    Yes I know another one. It's when you give Yellow flowers to Russians means not respect but divorce and bad things. In America it's nothing

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    i am a muslim everything you said is true

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    Well im in malay and im muslim

  • Iman Alya Khairil Anuar

    I'm a Malaysian and the reason why u point with ur thumb its because it shows like u want to talk about them in a good way. If u point with ur index to them it looks like ur talking about them in a rude way, so that's why I'm Malaysia u point with ur thumb.

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    Please just, stop making fake content

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    Oohhh!! Most of these are actually not right...

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    Why do yu have nepali scenario on tibetean fact, thats nepal on screen not tibet.

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    In Iran your thumb is your rude finger

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    I’m Vietnamese and I never new this.......

    I have done that before and no one thought it was offensive......

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    It is because we wanna show the dead that we love them and to have fun with them

  • Arthur Elias Kruse Reiband

    I’m from Denmark

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    Showing Nepal and saying Tibet

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    in noth korea they ct their hair in the given style s of the governament

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    You should get your facts right.

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    Indian people are saying dhanyawad 'thank u in hindi'

  • Jam Jam// JALD Gachatainment

    Wait....I POINT WITH MY THUMB?! Okay..maybe in some Asian countries do that but not Philippines, we use our index finger but for me I use index and middle because its rude for China to point in one finger and i have lots of Chinese friends and in Muslim countries is actually true so i still appreciate this video

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    Okay then you can only use your right hand to shake people's hands. But what if someone had an amputation to the right hand ?

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    I am Muslim

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    Wrong. We indians will use thank you always.

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    I'm from the Philippines but I always using my index finger to point to people

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    In some countries it's illegal to show the bottom of ur left foot

  • Quyen La Thuc
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    I’m from Vietnam and the cross-finger is not rude (for A LOT of people). Some people do that to cheer our U23 football team

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    Im half Australian Half French.....

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    Yea it's kinda true that we Filipinos don't like it when someone points a finger at us. But isn't that general? It's just so rude.
    One more thing. We Filipinos don't point our thumbs at someone. That's just weird.

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    In Myanmar 🇲🇲 they say thank you often

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    u cant touch someone in korean in a photo because thats disrespectful and its called "dirty hands"

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    I’m Aussie and none of that is correct

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    Wth I am an Indian and i say thank you that is so offensive 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😐

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    i am from philipines and i dont use my thumb to point at someone

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    im from phillipines but, we dont point with our thumb.I never seen a guy do that.

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    Calbo Man 10 tuntia sitten

    Lol Philippines don't use thumb to point

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    ThatSuper FunChannel 10 tuntia sitten

    BrUh, that's a lie about Indians, I am an Indian and it's totally fine to say thanks. bRuH

  • Cold Mochi
    Cold Mochi 10 tuntia sitten +1

    Also, I’m Vietnamese and crossing your finger isn’t rude at all. I do it when I visit Vietnam, but I’m fine.

  • ThatSuper FunChannel
    ThatSuper FunChannel 10 tuntia sitten

    The "ok" sign in America means F-word you in Brazil.

  • Cold Mochi
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    In Malaysia, you don’t point with your thumb. You can point with your index finger. -.-

  • Mr. popularammo
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    I'm born in Malaysia

  • The Great Wolf HD
    The Great Wolf HD 12 tuntia sitten

    2:16 carefull, maybe on this clip make someone hate you and hate muslim religion. Maybe change som title on the video, but great video

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    In America the ok sign means..

    Neck yourself 👌🏻

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    I’m pretty sure that filipinos don’t point with their thumbs

  • Caoimhe Rooney
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    I live in Ireland and it’s not rude to sit in the back of a car

  • Zoey Gawthorp
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    "O yah they spit on each other as a sign of respect"

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    My comment got erased because I said that in a country a thing can be normal while in others it can be weird so you have no reason to say it's weird, I mean, keeping a gun is normal in USA? Yeah, call us weird now

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    In Denmark we don’t have picnics In cemeteries??

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    I live in Ireland and that’s not true and I’ve been in Scotland and it’s not true 4:32

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    They are weird to us but not them

  • stopmotion girls
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    I live in the Netherlands and I have never seen anyone in the frond of a taxi.

  • Jackie’s Toy Channel
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    Flowers in Russia

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    In Sweden you have ketchup on pasta

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    Im left handed.

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    CRASHING DISHES in denmark

  • Nika T
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    In Russia, it's normal for some random person to come up to a kid and say how is your day or something like that......
    According to my mom.

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    Are you kidding I am a indian and this is all fake

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    Kenya me Arora (Kapil) ko bhejna chahiye

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    Nepalese are not tibetian😤

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    I’m Muslim and that’s not true

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    Hey I’m from Ireland and sitting in the back of a taxi is not rude

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    That ryt i malaysia and indonesia hihi

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    My dad lived in Germany for 3 years and he used to do this 👌 there. But when he realized the weird faces people made after he did that, he asked his German friend if it meant something different there. And to his surprise it meant......something Look it up XD

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    Kaya nga tama

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    Fake fake

  • vijay jai
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    No Indians say thank you each other

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    In Ireland n it is not considered rude to sit in the back of a taxi actually 😂😂
    Also I never realized before that some countries don't have their washing machine in the kitchen.

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    I righted someone or mine in red in South Korea

  • Hello David
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    No South Korea is false I’m South Korean

  • Alfred campolet Gamer Campolet

    Hi 👋 I,m a Filipino

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    Us cutting our dicks

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    Umm im Australian and sitting in the back of a taxi is fine. ;-;

  • your anime boi
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    I'm a Filipino and the thumb thing is not true, we point with our index not thumb
    Ako ay pilipino at kung hinlalaki at Di namin pinangtuturo

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    Hey ahh, we in New Zealand sit in the back of taxis like everyone else

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    I'm from THAILAND and barbers don't have to say sorry if they touch there heads but the rest of the trailing thing is right

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    This isn’t an easy fix this year 😡😍😚😃😘

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    I am Indian and I often say thank you to others not like seriously

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    1:42 sr pelo really explained touch

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    But I’m in Vietnam and I do that alot lucky I do that at lunch in my school and I’m not in Vietnam anymore.

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    Well naw i can travel without woriong (i spelt somthing wrong didnt i? ;-; if i Did its bc inglhis isnt my first langueg)

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    I'm Irish

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    I'm Scottish and sitting in the back seat in a taxi is normal

  • Eoghan Hasson
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    Not true I'm from Ireland and the taxi drivers dont find it rude

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    The Indian one is not true

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    sorry... nobody has picnics in Danish cemeteries

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    I am from Somali 😀😀😀

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    KIND persoN Päivä sitten

    You guys are considering Nepal as Tibet??🤔
    That info is totally wrong
    No one stick there tongue out while greeting 🙄

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    Showing nepal and saying tibet...
    That's such a weird thing......😑😑😑

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  • Vijender Thakur
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    This video is full of incorrect information.You should search more before making such a video.

  • Paridhi Prabhakar
    Paridhi Prabhakar Päivä sitten

    Excuse me
    Please verify your facts before you create videos
    In India we say thank you a lot.
    We fold our hands in Respect in order to say thank you.
    Even pointing at people is a bad thing.
    So please check your facts BEFOREHAND. You have triggered many people.

  • Emirates #UAE
    Emirates #UAE 2 päivää sitten

    That's not tibet thats nepal

  • Prashant Bhandari
    Prashant Bhandari 2 päivää sitten

    indians are very unfriendly one time when Iwent to india they did not act like what you told

  • Đoan Huy
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    wut actually im from viet nam and alot of people cross finger like that -_-