Self-Healing Fabric


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    Happy birthday, Daily Dose of Internet!!!

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      I’m the last reply possibble

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      Happy birthday bro wish you all the best and for many more years to come

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      Happy Birthday!

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      Love the vid

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    Happy Late Birthday, Daily Dose of Internet

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    Brooke 26 20 tuntia sitten

    Happy (late) birthday!! I love your videos! Keep it up!!

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    Happy birthday dude

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    We don't get a face reveal for your birthday????

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    Who else has been subed since 2k?

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    That frog is eating that worm right nnnn nnnn Now

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    AYEEE my bother was born on your birthday Ö

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    Happy belated birthday sorry I was a week late I hope you had a great day🎂🎉

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    Happy Birthday! May God protect you :)

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    Happy birthday! Flex on!

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    Happy birthday I love you

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you had an amazing day!

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    Happy birthday bro ur awesome love those vids keep them coming

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    Happy late happy birthday 😂🎂

  • xd Stealthadoodle
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    For a second, I thought it said “NOT HEALABLE FABRIC”

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    Happy birthday dude!!!!!!

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    Sounds like dupstep

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    Where the NCTzens at?

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    Happy birthday and great vids

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    happy birthday!

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    Happy birthday Leafy!

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    happy birthday my bro! thanks for the smiles!

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    Happy late birthday!

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    TheLifeOfRei 22 tuntia sitten

    Can NCT please make leggings for all the thick thighs out there? Would love not to have to purchase leggings every month because mine get holes from chafting lol.

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    Caden L 22 tuntia sitten

    Oh shoot, sorry I’m late, but...
    Happy late birthday!

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    Happy birthday!!! 🎂 🎂 🎂

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    *1:14** Please someone make a remix with that*

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    Happy birthday dude

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    happy birth day

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    Happy birthday

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    Happy b day bro.

  • ɪt raɪns
    ɪt raɪns 23 tuntia sitten

    Self healing fabric
    Dang I wish my heart was like that

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    Happy birthday

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    happy birthday

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    Happy birthday my guy!

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    Happy birthday

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    1:42 that?
    *J U I N O R*

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    happy birthday

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    Happy late bday

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    Happy birthday

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    Happy Birthday DDOI :)

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    Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday daily dose of internet happy birthday to you !!!!😀😀😀

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    Happy birthday

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    Can you do a face reveal at 5 mil

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    I’ve seen that frog before he is actually blind but he can hear the worm squiggling around

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    i know its an unpopular opinion but beatboxxing is annoying&cringe

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    Well Happy Birthday than dude

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    Happy birthday... I am sorry I am not normal... my hamster died and the video at the end made me think of him... his name was Tux and he had a tuxedo pattern... 😭😭😭😭😭

    • Chelsea Balderas
      Chelsea Balderas 20 tuntia sitten

      Anddddd what should we do exactly? Ugh, attention seeker, STOP.USING.DEAD.ANIMALS

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    NCT... 127, U and Dream :D)) i'm sorry i'll just leave

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    Happy birthday

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    Happy BDay

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    Happy birthday i love your videos

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    Happy Belated Birthday then! ( It’s my brothers birthday today too!

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    Happy bdayyyy

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    Sry it’s late but happy birthday dude love ur vids have a nice day -A fan

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    It's a little late but happy birthday guy who makes our days a lot more interesting

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    Sounds like a kid beatboxing

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    Happy birthday!!!!!🥳

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    1:28 Black Mario

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    Happy birthday dude have a good day!!!
    i love your vids

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    Happy birthday ma boye!

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    Happy beef day

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    Happy B Day

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    Happy birthday😀😀!

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    happy birthday !!

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    That guy laughing at the scallops sounds so cute omg

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🥳 DAILY DOSE OF INTERNET hope you had a great day

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    Scallops are flying seashells

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    Happy birthday brah, thank you for your exceptional work, keep it going!

  • God loves us
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    Happy bday

  • God loves us
    God loves us Päivä sitten

    Jesus died for all! We all sin and we all deserve to go to hell. But by believing in and trusting in The Lord Jesus Christ, we can be saved and go to Heaven. You can’t earn your way into Heaven.

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    Happy late birthday

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    Happy birthday

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    Happy birthday

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    Happy Late Birthday! I love your videos they're awesome!!

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY it’s a bit late

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    Happy Birthday, i love your videos

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    happy birthday

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    Iskam da se eba s teb💕

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    Happy Bday! :))

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    Happy birthday

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    Fvck i was today year old when I knew scallops swims like that....

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    Happy birthday :D :D :D

  • Llama guy !
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    Happy birthday :D

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    Happy birthday!