Half in the Bag: Captain Marvel

  • Julkaistu 12.03.2019
  • Yes. We know.
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  • Foot Soldier
    Foot Soldier Päivä sitten

    Another Marvel film that I will gladly not be watching. She is an absolute parasite.

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks Päivä sitten

    We need to kill off 60% of the worlds population, they are way too dumb!

  • Armageist
    Armageist Päivä sitten

    You are the exact thing that shouldn't be commenting on this, gentlemen.
    I wonder though. What movies ARE meant for 40 year old White Dudes....and does she consider these white supremacy movies since they're meant for WHITE dudes?

  • Ancala Bond
    Ancala Bond Päivä sitten +1

    I'm not done the video yet but i really appreciate how this video is handling the controversy so hard. It's really easy (primary for people who's main interest is not philosophy) for people I think to fall into really dismissive ways of approaching this kinda issue and it's nice seeing a critique of how this has all been handled that isn't just an overbearing reactionary acting like feminism is some 1 dimensional homogeneous frame of thought that can be easily dismantled by being mean to Brie Larson or whatever the fuck.

  • Moonshield23
    Moonshield23 Päivä sitten

    Diversity is weakness

  • Brees Goat
    Brees Goat Päivä sitten

    I want someone who knows about good films to tell me about A Wrinkle in Time. By the way it’s shit but I guess it doesn’t matter what I think because I’m white.

  • Jordan Lowy
    Jordan Lowy Päivä sitten

    Been a while since I've watch one of these half in the bag, but you guys have really jumped the shark. Takes you almost 6 minutes to even get to the topic, then another 20 bitching about Brie Larson the actress before you start to talk about the actual movie, at which point even you seem to be aggravated and disinterested.

  • Nate Harris
    Nate Harris Päivä sitten


  • 996Turbo
    996Turbo Päivä sitten

    I'm starting to think people in the comments section don't like movies anymore....

  • 996Turbo
    996Turbo Päivä sitten

    Anybody have a link to the neckbeard crying about this movie?

    • Mugen
      Mugen Päivä sitten

      His channel is called Geeks and Gamers. Can't link you to the specific video, because he makes one (sometimes even 2-3) every single day, talking about Brie Larson and Captain Marvel. His name is Jeremy.

  • Veej
    Veej Päivä sitten

    ayeee nice shoutout on Tangerine! One of the best movies Ive seen in recent years...

  • Emery Mulligan
    Emery Mulligan Päivä sitten

    Milwaukee is just midwest Reno

  • Ed Locke
    Ed Locke Päivä sitten

    There is a review in here somewhere?

  • milo cross
    milo cross Päivä sitten

    i'm from milwaukee and i feel personally attacked by the first bit

  • JayLeePoe
    JayLeePoe Päivä sitten +1

    I feel genuinely sorry for any people that find inspiration in this movie. Maybe it's an unwatched Citizen Kane but I'm just going to gamble with that chance and never, ever see it unless really desperate for something while braincells gasp for O2 on a binge. It looks less empowering than The 100 television show. You know, the one about a horrible future that always feels like a corporate pastiche of "edgy drama."
    Captain Marvel is Van Helsing for the audience of female neckbeards that doesn't exist. It's hilarious how we're supposed to give Advertising and Entertainment Pandering the same credit we associate with Malcolm X. Your movie isn't a civil rights protest. It's a money grab for children of impressionable adult-children.

  • AnxiousCynic
    AnxiousCynic Päivä sitten

    That was fantastic. This video is pitch perfect, and one of my favorites from you guys.

  • Cyclops Did Nothing Wrong
    Cyclops Did Nothing Wrong Päivä sitten

    Minute 27:00 is the best part of the video

  • Tristan MacKinnon
    Tristan MacKinnon Päivä sitten +2

    Dear god, a SANE review of this movie!

  • Gustav Rider
    Gustav Rider Päivä sitten +1

    On another note: Did Brie think she was doing a beauty pageant when she was saying all those things in that presentation? She has that obnoxious tone of beauty pageant contestants when they ask them anything about politics.

  • Frank Drebin
    Frank Drebin Päivä sitten

    I got a question. Since most of the domestic take from this movie was from men and a large chuck of that must have been from white dudes. Dose that mean Brie Larson is going to take a paycut.

  • Gustav Rider
    Gustav Rider Päivä sitten

    I think someone gave the directors for this movie the marvel formula, in which every marvel character has to be a snarky smartass who constantly has to quip. Which makes this interpretation of Carol Danvers ultimately unlikable because that behavior does not fit the situation.

    Imagine if Neo in the matrix had lost all sense of wonder and found Zion perfectly comfortable and so the inside of the Matrix and was not shocked at all when he started to bend reality. Imagine if he quipped every 4 lines of dialogue and was a snarky smartass. The movie would had been terrible.

  • Nautdead
    Nautdead Päivä sitten

    New Englanders call drinking fountains bubblers too.

  • Pete De
    Pete De Päivä sitten

    I dont realy think its feminist or trying to make a point, Its just taking advantage of the whole girl power thing and to get more female fans for the series, I my self liked it and found Bree Larson very hot.

  • sirkowski
    sirkowski Päivä sitten

    I liked it.

    DISCO-INFERNO-70 Päivä sitten

    Mr. Plinkett should have reviewed this.

  • Aiphiae
    Aiphiae Päivä sitten

    I can honestly say if Captain Marvel comes along and is the key to defeating Thanos, or plays a significantly large part in his downfall, I will be pretty disappointed. I don't even care about the controversy around Brie Larson and how people are freaking out about what she said in press tours. I just care that characters we've been watching develop for over 10 years might be sidelined for a character that was introduced 2 months before the culmination of the "original" Avengers story arcs. Everything since Iron Man 1 has been leading up to Endgame - it would be a shame to have a newcomer swoop in and solve all their problems.

  • Garden Reel
    Garden Reel Päivä sitten

    Is Brie Larson replacing Jennifer Lawrence?

  • MrApollo11
    MrApollo11 Päivä sitten

    I'm pretty sure Brie Larson made this video illegal to watch

  • Vim Zim
    Vim Zim Päivä sitten

    Movie studios have PR people involved and they are very careful about what and how they say anything about movies before they are released. It seems movie studios are playing the race/gender card right off the bat to trigger morons on the internet to get the reaction that they do get knowing they will get the other group of counter morons to jump on the bandwagon and intimidate critics to not be overly critical of what are horribly movies.
    I think you guys would have been a lot more critical than you were about this movie if you weren't put into the position that you were by the movie studio and you really need to call it out and be even more critical of the studios for doing so. Otherwise they are going to load more and more movies with female and people of colour not for diversity reasons but it basically gives them a gold pass to shove any half baked script onto the public and avoid any blowback. It is abhorrent that a movie studio would use a just cause such as diversity as a cheap profiteering strategy.
    I think sci-fi/fantasy fans are very tolerant, do not care about the race or gender of an actor as long as the movie is well written, well acted, directed, produced, etc. They act like Ripley in the Alien franchise never existed or Sarah Connor from the Terminator franchise, strong women who show real strength, aren't invincible, have real human traits, it is these type of characters people love. Plastic space barbie is just a horrible character, the script is garbage, the only redeemable qualities of this movie were the special effects. I would only recommend this movie to someone I hate.

  • TacoJim
    TacoJim Päivä sitten

    I waited for it to get uploaded as a bootleg and watched it for free on my firestick. Not giving Disney any of my money for that shit.
    After Endgame, I'm only watching Spider-Man movies.

  • DocFunky
    DocFunky Päivä sitten

    Cheese Curd Fest sounds fucking great!

  • James Hardee
    James Hardee Päivä sitten

    You guys I'm starting to think Adam Warlock isn't going to swoop in at the last minute and save the day

  • James Hardee
    James Hardee Päivä sitten

    I kinda liked the no doubt part...

  • SengirShowsU
    SengirShowsU Päivä sitten

    Now i know what it is that feels wrong for me in Captain Marvel. It feels like the second movie of everyone else. She had no first movie to endear the character itself.

  • ChubbyChecker182
    ChubbyChecker182 Päivä sitten

    When does the video start ?

  • bigcrunch1971
    bigcrunch1971 Päivä sitten

    From my experience on a job where I made phone calls all day long to most states.. Wisconsin and West Virginia had the rudest most angry people. ProbaBLY due to economy in W. VA, and weather in WI?

  • Neal X
    Neal X Päivä sitten

    "It was directed by two people no one's ever heard of."

    Seriously, I want to know how Ryan Fleck (who?) and Anna Boden (who?) managed to get hired for this film. I get that the Russos were busy but they could have found SOMEONE with an actual track record.

    • ii ii
      ii ii Päivä sitten

      Neal X It made 700 mill worldwide in a week.

    • ii ii
      ii ii Päivä sitten

      Neal X Why do you need someone with track record to make the film?

  • Cataclysmic Dildoser
    Cataclysmic Dildoser Päivä sitten

    I have a question about the military aspect within this "movie":
    Craptain Marvel was a pilot, in the past.
    Now I'm not an expert, but she is a test pilot, with no (fighter/bomber) experience, her own plane, and a personal nickname!?
    Please correct me if I'm wrong, buuut isn't it more like, you'll need quite the experience, severall years at least, and only as an actual fighter/bomber pilot you'll get your own machine, and your buddys/COs give you a nickname (or was it a callsign?), something like that?

  • Adam Heywood
    Adam Heywood Päivä sitten

    I'd like to think Far from Home will end on the schoolbus that introduces Parker to the narrative of Infinity War but then again, that's either going to be depressing or cheap depending on how Endgame goes.

  • I'll be ur oni-chan
    I'll be ur oni-chan Päivä sitten

    And if you didn't know the National Catholic Forensic League is having their national debate tournament in Milwaukee this year. The second rate debate leauge.....

  • Layton
    Layton Päivä sitten

    She should just stick to reading what other people write for her, I really don't give a crap what Brie Larson thinks. She is a spanking short of normal.

  • Nick Manzo
    Nick Manzo Päivä sitten

    The problem here is that Brie Larsen isn’t trying to be positive in her criticism of film criticism. She’s inherently negative in everything she says, basically instead of “Let’s elevate more voices in film criticism” she is essentially saying “We need less white guys!!!”

  • Jeremy Dirr
    Jeremy Dirr Päivä sitten

    So, Brie Larson encourages people to crowdfund for people to buy tickets for her movie. Just give them tickets yourself. You're a rich Hollywood star in that very movie. If Disney cared so much, why not run a promotion for opening weekend where any girl 12 and under gets a free viewing.

  • Jeremy Dirr
    Jeremy Dirr Päivä sitten

    As Jay points out about Moonlight and Tangerine, the people most obsessed with this pseudo "social justice" are concerned with A Wrinkle in Time, Captain Marvel, Star Wars. All Disney products. These big companies encourage trolls, and their anti-trolls, and then delete/block comments from normal people giving honest opinions about the movies themselves.

  • Zane Ramos
    Zane Ramos Päivä sitten

    “You do know why they call it a COCKpit”

  • Mistakes
    Mistakes Päivä sitten

    In my opinion, I liked the movie itself.

  • Jeremy Dirr
    Jeremy Dirr Päivä sitten

    Only a third of a way through the video, but I have to say the film critic criticism by Brie Larson doesn't make much sense to me. Most of the film critics I watch are self-employed, and aren't really discriminating. That's not the sams as studios neglecting female and/or non-white leads, which does happen. Regardless, I'll see this movie and expect a subpar Marvel film. Hopefully, End Game is a great sequel to Infinity War. Maybe they can fix Captain Marvel like they did Thor (just get a great director with style, passion, and some freedom to direct).

  • Quintin West
    Quintin West Päivä sitten +1

    As a native Wisconsinite, and resident of Milwaukee for 7 years.... I have to say, the beginning of this video was just so true. I didn't think anyone else shared the same emotions in relation to the area on such a deep level.

  • Zane Ramos
    Zane Ramos Päivä sitten

    What character did she play? She was soooo blaaaaand. No charisma. Even when she discovered she was lied to about the kree and skrulls she wasn’t that damn surprised about it

  • Matt Muccigrosso
    Matt Muccigrosso Päivä sitten

    Hey why haven’t y’all reviewed Alita Battle Angel.

  • ExlcusiveSodak
    ExlcusiveSodak Päivä sitten

    Mike's a fucking Cheesehead? Gross.

  • Cachorro Velho
    Cachorro Velho Päivä sitten

    ''This movie is important to women!''
    ''This movie empowers women!''
    - She's powerful only because of the engine explosion and not because she is capable.
    - She doesn't know shit what's happening with her during all the movie.
    - She is incapable of thinking about her own situation during the movie.
    - She only does what they told her to do.
    - She never says ''no''.
    - She is constantly bullied in silence.
    - She is incapable of discovering the truth alone and needs a man to come up with answers.
    - She is used during all the movie and proceeds to be dumb enough to not understand that.
    Yeah, very ''powerful'' movie.

  • XRayWizard369
    XRayWizard369 Päivä sitten

    Will there be a Mr Plinket Captain Marvel Review??

  • RatchildUK
    RatchildUK Päivä sitten +1

    Brie Larson is a barely competent, retarded valley girl. Why the fuck is she mainlining the MCU? 0_o
    Where's the push for Black Widow or Scarlet Witch?

  • ncblock87
    ncblock87 Päivä sitten

    Brie Lawson: 27:00

  • ruse mode
    ruse mode Päivä sitten

    22:16 working on it

  • Christopher McDonald
    Christopher McDonald Päivä sitten +5

    I see that Brie is taking PR advice from Shia LaBeouf.
    He wouldn't be my first choice but then again, I'm just a white dude.

  • PasOdMater
    PasOdMater Päivä sitten

    So funny when he tries to explain the black guy from the beginning of Guardians 1 without calling him black. He has to go around it to explain it when if he just mentioned that he was the black guy would make it obvious.

  • ohnoanotherputz
    ohnoanotherputz Päivä sitten +1

    I thought this movie was perfectly ok. Somewhere in the middle of Marvel Movidedom, which is fine.

  • Nozh
    Nozh Päivä sitten

    The kernel of what you’re getting at is the concept of calling in vs calling out. Calling in invites conversation and doesn’t alienate people that might not be 100% the same page yet, calling out makes them feel bad and often pushes away and further from being on the same page.

  • Matthew E
    Matthew E Päivä sitten

    There's no struggle in this movie? Not surprising Mary Sues sell.

  • Nozh
    Nozh Päivä sitten

    This video taught me that Cleveland and Milwuakee are the same.

  • Kyle Hart
    Kyle Hart Päivä sitten +1

    Captain Marvel is not a feminist movie. It is a superhero movie that happens to have a female protagonist. The fact she’s a woman is never brought up throughout the course of the entire film.

  • Jakub Sobczyk
    Jakub Sobczyk Päivä sitten

    "Polish fest" ..... " Irish fest" ...... ;D As a pole I approve this photo ;D

  • Captain Dinglepants
    Captain Dinglepants Päivä sitten +1

    I really wish the movie was called Laser Lady instead now

  • Eric Tenaya
    Eric Tenaya Päivä sitten

    6 mins talking about shit I don't care about, when really 6:00 was all you needed.

  • Ben Hramiak
    Ben Hramiak Päivä sitten

    Saw it today, thought it was alright. thought the skrulls were the best bit

  • Aki Barriault
    Aki Barriault Päivä sitten

    It kinda sucks cause Brie is actually a good actress I loved her in room and short term 12 I remember when they said that she was going to be captain marvel and I was disappointed because I thought she was? Better than that???

  • Several Fighters
    Several Fighters Päivä sitten

    Wow, she really is obnoxious as fuck, and weirdly obsessed with the words "People of Color".

  • Corat McRed
    Corat McRed Päivä sitten

    Who knew there was so much to learn about Milwaukee

  • M K
    M K Päivä sitten

    Polish fest and Irish fest

  • Jay Cunningham
    Jay Cunningham Päivä sitten +1

    That moment when you find out Far From Home actually is taking place after Endgame.

    • Christopher McDonald
      Christopher McDonald Päivä sitten

      Wasn't it obvious from the start?
      Thanos is a gimmick, absolutely nothing will change.

  • Rufus T Firefly
    Rufus T Firefly Päivä sitten +1

    Social Justice Warrior = Comrade. Smacks of... Marxism!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Päivä sitten

    I noticed their reviews of comic book hero movies always have slightly more dislikes. All those angry fan boys. LOL

  • 2ndTallestBear
    2ndTallestBear Päivä sitten

    THE TESERACT WAS ON EARTH IN THE 1940’s!!!!! They truly are dismissing the first Captain America movie.

  • daSweep
    daSweep Päivä sitten

    I really liked the movie, but all the controversy around it is just silly at this point..

  • lordcrunk
    lordcrunk Päivä sitten

    Hey, fans of this franchise, at the last second, using underhanded corporate methods and market manipulation, we've shoehorned in a poorly crafted mary sue mcguffin character that will beat the baddy. Like it or else.

  • 2ndTallestBear
    2ndTallestBear Päivä sitten

    Geeks + Gamers was a Brie Larson fest for months and it was exhausting. Made me unsubscribe even though I agreed with them.

  • Thea Pires-Foley
    Thea Pires-Foley Päivä sitten +1

    I am no Marvel Universe expert, I did however see this movie because my daughter said that she wanted to see it. A criticism repeated in the review was that the only reason why Capt. Marvel was powerful was because she was exposed to the Tesseract by an explosion that she just happened to be too close to. As I recall, Capt. Marvel purposely shot at the plane in what what was an heroic act in order to prevent anyone else from obtaining the dangerous object in the engine. She was willing to sacrifice her life in order to save the world.

  • Verdant Hyborian
    Verdant Hyborian Päivä sitten +1

    Diversity literally only means anti white. You need diversity in America, in Sweden, in Germany, in Australia, but you don't need Diversity in China, Japan, Egypt, or Haiti. All of main stream media is attacking white people every hour of every day and you wonder why people are dwelling on it? Get the hell out.

    LE0NSKA Päivä sitten

    man. I sure hate that big higher up....evil ... err.. corporate .....movie film critic... association...? grrr! damn those people! who are holding society down by somehow not allowing people other than 40 year old white guys to crituque movies.....!!

  • James Leferink
    James Leferink Päivä sitten +1

    I don't watch you guys to figure out if Im gonna go see the movie you're talking about, but to get a giggle on my Sunday morning.

  • Vish M
    Vish M Päivä sitten

    16:08 Same dude ~ What's with this Hate RAgE for brie larson.. I mean i dont even wanna see captain marvel.. & tht movie was shittt but there's no need Bully Brie Larson.. she might be worse person on the planet today ~ but She didn't attack you personally right ?! there's an attitude called ~ IGNORE , Cleanse & Purge..~ & it's over brie larson never existed to me ... ! lol somethings r just tht easy

  • PhoenixofSun
    PhoenixofSun Päivä sitten

    did you guys get new cameras? looks great

  • relic turtle
    relic turtle Päivä sitten

    Yeah more diveristy in film crittics ie less shills and more true honest unbiased reviews of the film's. U know the very integrity of the premise! lol I'm tired of agenda pushing npc entertainers and their critics and lackies. How about we find the real meaning of creativity and innovation

  • PlanetMusk Vlog
    PlanetMusk Vlog Päivä sitten

    Is it premature to welcome you guys over to the Fandom Menace?

  • Wildcard Productions
    Wildcard Productions Päivä sitten

    Why did you waste the first 6 minutes of runtime rambling on about Wisconsin?

  • Alyx theMeh
    Alyx theMeh Päivä sitten

    Here for 1 mil views

  • PlanetMusk Vlog
    PlanetMusk Vlog Päivä sitten

    The Amistad guy looks like a black Brad Pitt to me. Does anyone else see that too?

  • Michael Turtle
    Michael Turtle Päivä sitten

    Thank you for pointing out how fucking annoying bikes are

  • goonsgoons1
    goonsgoons1 Päivä sitten +2

    okay I'm watching that Brie Larson autocomplete video and she seems fine. I'd rather she be herself than some generic, fake, high energy persona

  • WhiskeyJack
    WhiskeyJack Päivä sitten

    Every Marvel movie is a pretty average action film that usually serves to introduce the lesser known superhero to general audiences before appearing in an ensemble film where they're usually much better written and performed. Captain Marvel is no different, but it's frustrating and disappointing because of it.

  • PlanetMusk Vlog
    PlanetMusk Vlog Päivä sitten

    Right. She's just a hollywood actor, but THIS MOVIE is something more than just a movie for some reason... and the shenanigans surrounding it's press coverage and box office proves that THIS MOVIE is super important for some reason. Strange isn't it?

  • GFY Productions
    GFY Productions Päivä sitten +2

    Fuck Milwaukee... I live in waunakee, the only city with that name! How many Milwaukees are there? Thousands... simply thousands...
    Still love the show though! Gots to jag off to that one character now! Thank you ;)

  • Justin Liber
    Justin Liber Päivä sitten

    Captain Marvel was so boring that I forgot I had already watched this video in its entirety until I clicked on it and got to the Miluwakee advertisement.

  • Antiloompa
    Antiloompa Päivä sitten


  • Ventus
    Ventus Päivä sitten

    You guys are bit silly and hypocritical when you disparage guys who made vids about her old comments when they're talking about the Captain Marvel movie which you guys just did in this review.

    • Ventus
      Ventus Päivä sitten +1

      +Carlos Luis If every other time she opens her mouth, it's controversial then it makes sense to make vids or updates on what's going on. The half in the bag guys said the same thing as the guys they're shitting on.

    • Carlos Luis
      Carlos Luis Päivä sitten +1

      Well put it into the perspective that RLM made only one video about this whole thing, while most of those controversy channels seemed to make a new 10 minute rant video every time Larson opened her mouth. Like jeez people milked this shit for all it was worth and I'm just glad it's over

  • Tyler Blair
    Tyler Blair Päivä sitten

    Captain Marvel is the first Marvel movie in the last 5 years that I have absolutely no interest in seeing in theaters.

  • Jake von Karnas
    Jake von Karnas 2 päivää sitten

    Hold on a fuckin' second.
    I'm from Massachusetts and I call it a bubbler.

  • David Degner
    David Degner 2 päivää sitten

    Bre Larson is the reason why I don't like to watch interviews anymore when actors are promoting a film... it's all about this imaginary "social justice/injustice" nonsense... if only we could go back to the style of 1995 marketing of a movie and just sell the movie as the movie and not this "first this, first that and diverse, blah blah" I did like Captain Marvel as a movie and as a piece of the puzzle for the Cinematic Universe.