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The DeFranco Proposal
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  • The Bowman's Vlog
    The Bowman's Vlog 7 kuukautta sitten

    Love the Content on this Channel

  • phillyflyboy
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  • CCGtv
    CCGtv Vuosi sitten

    Good day, I just looked at your channel you have some dope content ! Check out some of my videos and sub if you like the content. Thanks for your time !!!

  • madleafsfan
    madleafsfan 2 vuotta sitten

    Didn't get your newest video in my sub list.... If your views are down you know why.

  • Just Wondering
    Just Wondering 2 vuotta sitten

    This story happened in my home town Norfolk, VA. Three men shot while streaming on Facebook.

  • Problamatic Automatic
    Problamatic Automatic 2 vuotta sitten

    Phil is still the true BAMF.

  • Bornz0r
    Bornz0r 2 vuotta sitten

    The clickbait is good here.

  • Daniel Copsey
    Daniel Copsey 2 vuotta sitten

    Can you not rein in the youtube drama coverage already? It wasn't news to start with and it's growing to completely consume the show. Why do people care about which celebrities are slagging each other off?

  • Monica Perez
    Monica Perez 2 vuotta sitten


  • Bob Hopeldorf
    Bob Hopeldorf 2 vuotta sitten

    A Book: In the beginning there was Bob. Bop lived in a boring universe with nothing in it. One day he farted and the gas coalesced into suns and there was light. For a long time that was all there was. He soon grew bored of just stars and made planets. These planets amused Him for a time.While messing around with water 'n shit, on a planet called Earth, He spilled some RNA or something in a nearby lake, and it made a copy of itself. After a real long time the RNA or something turned into germs. After another long while one of the germs turned green. A while later the green germs turned into seaweed. Another germ turned into a fish. Seaweed washed up on the shore becoming trees and stuff, a fish crawled up on land to eat the trees, some shit happened, a hairless ape bashed another ape in the head with a rock, said "Waz good son?", and such humans were born.The humans fucked, hunted animals, and ate wild plants for a while. Then they fucked, farmed, and discovered sciency shit. A few hundred years after the discovery of sciency shit, they all killed each other. The End.

  • Henry
    Henry 2 vuotta sitten

    Phil, Hey, Good Day. Can you shared this to nation " Thanks.

  • I don't read replies
    I don't read replies 2 vuotta sitten

    Holy shit, you're like the Buzzfeed of youtube. Beyond garbage. Keep up with the clickbait, shitty videos though.

    • TripleQuestionMark
      TripleQuestionMark 2 vuotta sitten

      Are you here because of Flouzy? Because he constantly wants to attract people using drama. Hell, to combat these "drama channels", he decides to send his fans to attack others, in thus, causing more drama. Genius. Just... Genius.

    • derty QWERTY42
      derty QWERTY42 2 vuotta sitten

      As a long time fan and supporter of this channel, *I literally just unsubscribed because now he posts nothing but 14-year old youtube drama videos. Like the channel went from awesome news reports and points of view, to complete youtube TMZ-esque garbage. Phil is after the cash apparently, cause I've seen many top comments in his videos about this horrible change. He doesn't care, as long as the little kids on these mil+ channels subscribe and never come back to watch his videos (see: pewdpie or most of the other subpar channels that get very low subscriber return rates phil!)*

  • Jacqueline Quinn
    Jacqueline Quinn 2 vuotta sitten

    I know this is a bit old, but can you please talk about "#BlackLivesMatter leader recently invited to White House charged with pimping underage girl" this is outrageous and not enough people are talking about it. As a since able man, I thought you might. It's a serious topic in today's time with all the race wars going on. Black Lives Matter has gone too far.

  • punkybrewstar83
    punkybrewstar83 2 vuotta sitten

    We need to talk? I don't know what about and I don't want to add to the views, but if it is about minorities growing tired, scared and frustrated about how they are being treated, viewed, killed and beaten.... you are are part of the problem and this is sadly what happens when people refuse to listen.

  • The Playa Sheep Union
    The Playa Sheep Union 2 vuotta sitten

    Hey Phil, you're almost as bad as the Keemmanstar.

  • ThatDamnGuy
    ThatDamnGuy 2 vuotta sitten

    Phil, have you seen this video in response to the Louisiana shooting?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 vuotta sitten

    you late on your vid :/

  • Reno
    Reno 2 vuotta sitten

    you look like Edmure Tully from Game Of Thrones

  • Ali K
    Ali K 2 vuotta sitten

    After sooo long I've being subscribed and watching your vids of gotta say goodbye because almost everything you post now is just clickbait...

  • Luke Archer
    Luke Archer 2 vuotta sitten

    Welcome back!

  • Tdog
    Tdog 2 vuotta sitten

    Hello Phil :D I like your videos, you make news and politics more enjoyable while still being educational! I know this is anoying but I would love a shoutout for my channel *insert shameless plug here* haha Honestly I will be astonished if you even read this comment deep within a sea of comments, but yeah worth a try ;) btw your son is the cutest thing in the world :3

  • Steven Nesfeder
    Steven Nesfeder 2 vuotta sitten

    you are a badass

  • Klick Witch
    Klick Witch 2 vuotta sitten

    Phil, please talk about the Canadian Pride Parade that happened on Sunday. There was a lot of good things like Justin Trudeau being the first Canadian Prime Minister to participate and the largest turn out for Canada's pride parade ever, likely in support of the Orlando shooting. But there was a 30 minute delay due to another group making demands.

  • dpcon1994
    dpcon1994 2 vuotta sitten

    Philip deFranco spotted in Dublin, Ireland

  • RhiaBlack
    RhiaBlack 2 vuotta sitten

    Phil, if you haven't seen it; there's a gofundme set up for this lady's 13 year old cat. Apparently her roommate beat him so bad it broke his jaw and made him blind in one eye. They're in the process of trying to save him now, but the medical bills are already half of what was collected thus far for him. They have a warrant out for the dude's arrest. (Warning: Graphic photos, viewer discretion is advised)

    • DubStepChic111
      DubStepChic111 2 vuotta sitten

      wow, people raised more than 4 times the amount :D there is hope for this world after all

  • CrashBangAdam
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  • Dinco422
    Dinco422 2 vuotta sitten

    this channel is dead. no more interesting content. rip

  • Ethan Toft
    Ethan Toft 2 vuotta sitten

    Make sure you check me out at ET TV

  • Youtube Drama
    Youtube Drama 2 vuotta sitten

    I like ur vids :D

  • Jaydub IV
    Jaydub IV 2 vuotta sitten 100hour burning fire was finally put out in a building in hong kong

  • Hewholimps Martin
    Hewholimps Martin 2 vuotta sitten

    You hear about what happened in my home city, during the weekend?

      CORNISHDUDE 2 vuotta sitten

      Wowwww that's BIG news bro, tell the ap

  • Julian Vegt
    Julian Vegt 2 vuotta sitten

    Hey Phillip, So i´ve been a fan of your channel for quite a while, and i normally wouldn´t do this but friends of mine need media help. The refugee crisis has sort of fallen out of media attention but it is most definitely not over. On an island called Lesbos the refugees come in on rubber boats but once they are there they are mostely starving/traumatized. Erik and Philippa set up a station to guide the boats in and to help the refugees with food and clothing. But the Island has turned against them and they are receiving death threats. They are doing this from (little) donated money but mostly out of their own pocket. They don’t have a lot of money because their store is being boycotted by the island. Please do a quick story about them. They need more people on their side in this dark time Contact me if you need more info SPREAD THE WORD

  • tehMothMan
    tehMothMan 2 vuotta sitten

    Oh this channel is still a thing...

  • Adam Withers
    Adam Withers 2 vuotta sitten

    DoucheBag of the day Phil?

  • MrArtisticjay
    MrArtisticjay 2 vuotta sitten

    i've been watching this channel for age but i just subbed today

  • Stoob
    Stoob 2 vuotta sitten

    GradeAUnderA sent me, you fucking sexy badass. :)

  • Devin Belser
    Devin Belser 2 vuotta sitten

    i'm waiting for that friday recap. you are awesome my friend watch you every morning! ~From Alaska

  • TheSerpentz
    TheSerpentz 2 vuotta sitten

    hey man you are basically a god damn hero to me. This may sounds super suck hole and i hope you dont take it as that. Your a guy who is not afraid to say what he thinks, i would really appreciate your opinion on the up coming Australian election. I am my self informed but would love to hear your take on it for the other aussies of the nation. PS. the nation is the best, even if they disagree with me, i always have a place to have an opinion, cheers mate thanks for the laughs

  • Omega Winner
    Omega Winner 2 vuotta sitten

    hey phill great show and good job with the news. i would like to hear your opinion on the statistics made after the brexit referendum. the ones about the votes based on age categ. and the fact that the propaganda for the voteleave campaign was wrong

  • Matthew Hanson
    Matthew Hanson 2 vuotta sitten

    I recectly heard about a tragedy in oaxaca mexico I've looked on youtube and there is very little attention on this could you please look into this event and report to people the news that really needs to be seen

  • long25714
    long25714 2 vuotta sitten


  • Justice
    Justice 2 vuotta sitten

    Hey Phil, my name is Justice Peters and I am reaching out you to ask for a favor. I have a friend named Christian Mayberry who was dramatically injured in an ATV accident a few years back, which you can read about here. I am asking you bring light to this situation and help bring attention to his family's GoFundMe, linked here. tytytytytytyty, Phil, and thank you so much for putting effort into this channel for so long. it really does make my day a little better. :)

  • AEO Co
    AEO Co 2 vuotta sitten

    Yo Phil, WatchMojo got hacked, check out their page, nearly all their videos sport the same title!

  • hunter7173
    hunter7173 2 vuotta sitten

    Was told by GradeAUnderA to tell you how much of a sexy badass you are for FUPA. So keep it going you sexy badass!

  • GinKadia
    GinKadia 2 vuotta sitten

    You should talk about Guccifer 2.0

  • ben tenenbaum
    ben tenenbaum 2 vuotta sitten

    Phil since you love lil' Dicky you should watch his Trojan condoms ad.

  • Shy Guy
    Shy Guy 2 vuotta sitten

    your such a fucking super sexy bad ass Phil

  • Rich Entertainment
    Rich Entertainment 2 vuotta sitten

    please check some of my videos out

  • Tekno Toby
    Tekno Toby 2 vuotta sitten

    Got to check this care about a guy called Anxiety War on YT, he is standing up against a pedofile, but now the pedofile is suing him for slander and such. But Anxiety War can't afford attorney. Maybe you could shine some light on him to help him out? The pedofile has also bailed himself out, and is now after Anxiety War.

  • xNiitrogenQc
    xNiitrogenQc 2 vuotta sitten

    story about a youtuber being sued for exposing child predators on youtube, might be an interesting case to cover

  • Ocean
    Ocean 2 vuotta sitten

    To those who are concerned about sustaining human life on planet earth, Imagine the world’s economies are facing collapse. What happens when international economies collapse? What are the first and foremost necessities that huge populations around world must have when this collapse happens? We all need water, food, shelter and community in that order. Without these four main necessities human beings will die by the millions and then by the billions. Humanity is already dying by the millions as we speak, yet when world-wide collapse happens the competition for the remaining resources will escalate into world-wide frenzied panic of overwhelming proportions. How can we as humans decrease the devastating consequences of human induced global climate changes, bad agricultural practices in the vital food production areas and political confusion, misappropriation and bad resource management? We are presently at the breaking point in the survival of humanity in the northern hemisphere of our planet? The stark answer to these questions is we can do nothing to reinvigorate these devastated areas in time!!! They are beyond short-term repair in time for staving off inevitable collapse of our vital food resources in the northern hemisphere. This means we need extreme change right now to offset the damage we have already caused our fragile world eco-system. We as a species have degraded, devastated and are desertifying the prime growing areas of North America, Europe, Asia, Northern Africa, with oil dependent fertilizers and non-sustainable systems approaches to agriculture. Also, many of the rain forests world-wide have been cleared for similar bad agriculture practices that are literally “dead ends” leading to devastating results. Without concentrated efforts to reverse these climate changing financially collapsing agricultural practices mankind is doomed to suffer a long and horrible death. What can we do to stem this tsunami of coinciding factors that are leading us down the path towards extinction? Focus on planting sustainable food forests in the tropical and sub-tropical agricultural lands around the planet. This is the most important project the world has ever known. Why is a food forest in these areas the answer? It is simple. Planting progressive levels of short-term productive plants under and around long-term food production trees (food forests) in the remaining water rich areas allows for increasing regularly scheduled outputs of food for humans around the world, today and in the future. Food forests are sustainable, because they establish a systematic succession of edible plants that also create their own fertilizer, retain water and support the trees that also cycle nutrients to these lower understory plants. By establishing vast food forests we also create and conserve water resources in the planted areas, that can be both used for the long-term stability of the food forests and all of the communities that surround them. It also has been proven that establishing forests also stabilizes consistent rain patterns that sustain rainwater for both plant and animal life. The life-sustaining water will be the foundation for life in these vast areas of now transformed productive land, nourishing our parched and over heating planet. We begin to recreate the “garden” that we so recently have been destroying and walking away from with our present international agriculture shortcuts that have devastated the northern hemisphere. How can this happen in the timeframe of global economic collapse, say in 1-10 years? Simple, first focus on international education on the why, how and simple practices needed for food forestry. The next steps are to produce and utilize natural and ecologically produced seeds for establishing understory nitrogen-fixing plants that will form the foundation of the food forests (examples are edible legumes, beans and hearty ground covers). This will establish a quick yet firm foundation for the staged and scheduled productivity to come. This can be followed by sustainable starches that can deliver concentrated nutritious calories for a starving world. Both of these two sets of highly nutritious plants sources can produce abundant food that is available within a relatively short timeframe. These plants establish and give the upper story long-term trees the needed sustenance to grow and produce their own abundance for all of us around the planet! Concurrently we can establish large tracts of nurseries for these long-term trees as they are interplanted with the foundational plants mentioned previously. Throughout the process of establishing these food forests the communities around them can use the retained water, food grown for their own sustenance and some of the sustainably harvested trees for establishing shelter for the communities around and within the forests. By establishing these food forests mankind can begin reversing the practices that have led us all away from sustaining ourselves and our planet. We re-establish mankind as an intimate part of long-term sustainable systems in this productive “belt” of tropical and sub-tropical lands around the planet. All of the above processes can be systemized and scheduled for maximum efficiency and on-time delivery to humanity."

  • SaintJim1992
    SaintJim1992 2 vuotta sitten

    I appreciate what I'm about to comment on is WAY out of date, but the internet is huge and I only just got around to catching up on LMMT podcasts. The "problem" that I have is that I can't find a video for #9 onwards. Did you just stop doing video and only do audio? If so I am disappointed :(

  • Tincansailor5
    Tincansailor5 2 vuotta sitten

    Dear PDP, I have subscribed and unsubscribed and subscribed again. I think your show is really great, beter than these major news outlets by far. sure you use clickbait shit, and sure that annoys me, but I get it, I understand. It's just the way youtube works. Though I do wish you cou8ld do away with it or even get one of those TV news/comedy shows like Jay Leno. Just saying you got the know how and people backing you to do it. Thanks for what you do, Not in you response to Orlando, I'm a heartless bastard and it means nothing to me if it doesn't directly affect me and I'm not afraid to say it, but for what you do as a person. Honestly it can't be easy to be a person who makes videos for FIclips, people are heartless bastards and will tear you down when able, but there are people like me who still appreciate what you do. Also, despite me letting myself go numb and not paying attention to Orlando, thank you for your donation. It probably did a lot of good. Thank you Phil, you DO make a difference in America and the world. Just remember that and use it right. Your subscribers look up to you. Don't do them wrong. Also, +1 subscriber.

  • Hazy
    Hazy 2 vuotta sitten

    Philip DeFranco, for when Drama Alert just isn't cancerous enough.

  • Stevie
    Stevie 2 vuotta sitten

    Clickbait cancer

  • Eduardo Alves
    Eduardo Alves 2 vuotta sitten

    Knowing that you are GradeAUnderA´s friends (at least is what it looks like) do you think that the fact that he said he loved Meghan McCarthy in is last video is a big thing? Like "news" big, type of big? If you havent watched it, its in his video "My Thoughts On Gay People" at 1:17. I think he really meant it. Have you thought about talking about it in a video? Love your videos btw.

  • Johnny Gonzo
    Johnny Gonzo 2 vuotta sitten

    So Philip, Rice vs the parents of the child: The Wife got her account hacked, still siding on the Parent's side that rice now definitely deserves the strike if he has those kind of followers

  • gear wright402
    gear wright402 2 vuotta sitten

    hey if you ever get free time can you come tell me what you thank on my video? it would help out alot to get some awsome feed back please! :D

  • Stifling JESTER
    Stifling JESTER 2 vuotta sitten

    Phil! hear me out. You, Jessica Nigri, and Jesse Cox in a video.......... It does not even matter the topic it will be the funniest piece of content on the internet!

  • Leo Brown
    Leo Brown 2 vuotta sitten

    Hey Phil Can you make some kind of list of your favorite cannels

  • XRRE
    XRRE 2 vuotta sitten

    pls help me recover my M4A1-S Cyrex

  • Warren Phillips
    Warren Phillips 2 vuotta sitten

    Come on man don't hold out on me I need man... (Starts scratching self violently) you ever see a man bleed from scratching himself to much.... me either but i bet it isn't pretty

  • Warren Phillips
    Warren Phillips 2 vuotta sitten

    upload your video already Phil i need my fix already jeez

  • DotADBX
    DotADBX 2 vuotta sitten

    I find it odd why his channel hasnt been mentioned any where in regards to this issue...

    • DotADBX
      DotADBX 2 vuotta sitten

      or so he claims, I am more interested in the discussion then anything else.

    • DotADBX
      DotADBX 2 vuotta sitten

      that all the #Wheresthefairuse seems to only apply to larger channels when it effects them yet when smaller channels get hit with similar problems like Protomario did (see videos) there seems to be no communication without consistent spamming on his part.

    • Jacy Pero
      Jacy Pero 2 vuotta sitten

      What issue?

  • jan solarevic
    jan solarevic 2 vuotta sitten

    dude you a sexy badass

  • Zoe Bear
    Zoe Bear 2 vuotta sitten

    Will you please do a segment about the countless stories on bananas being injected with the AIDS/HIV virus?

    • The Playa Sheep Union
      The Playa Sheep Union 2 vuotta sitten

      It would be his most truthful video yet, if he doesn't mention the hoax part.

    • Zoe Bear
      Zoe Bear 2 vuotta sitten

      Umm.. Woww...

    • Kalob izme
      Kalob izme 2 vuotta sitten


    • Zoe Bear
      Zoe Bear 2 vuotta sitten

      Good thing it is a hoax, and it is almost impossible to get AIDS from consuming food even if it does have the virus in it unless someone with AIDS chewed the food before you.

    • Kalob izme
      Kalob izme 2 vuotta sitten

      i will not stop eating bananas over fear of death! thats how we gamble in the good ol USA, eating bananas

  • 0neL4s7H0n0r
    0neL4s7H0n0r 2 vuotta sitten

    Hey Phil. I wanted to thank you. I've watched your channel for I don't even know how long I've been watching, but for a long long time. I just wanted to say that after the Orlando shooting, I had been filled with empty angry sadness. A void of emotion that I couldn't fight the good fight and push forward in trying to bring good into this world. It seriously weighed me down. In watching your video's daily I am thankful that you get up every day and do what you do. You contextualize and even at its hardest you try to bring in a little hope. That little hope even in the darkest of times, Sandy Hook, Aurora and so on and so forth, has been enough to get me back into holding the lantern in the dark. Your videos have taught me and inspired me throughout the years to do more and be more for the people around me. And I just wanted to thank you. I don't know if you'll ever read this, but I just had to write how grateful I am.

  • Joseph Declet
    Joseph Declet 2 vuotta sitten

    Have you seen the copyright strike video from Rob on comics explained channel? What's your take on his situation?

  • nelly baeburtlu
    nelly baeburtlu 2 vuotta sitten

    love your channel. your better than news on the TV

  • Masters Kai
    Masters Kai 2 vuotta sitten

    Congratulations on reaching 4,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS !!

  • The Savage Cabbage
    The Savage Cabbage 2 vuotta sitten


  • speedic artic
    speedic artic 2 vuotta sitten

    Theres an uplifting story about a grandmother of one of the victims from the Orlando shooting and the jet blue flight that comforted her while flying. That might be a nice story to cover after all the recent terrible happenings, people are still doing there best to show kindness and comfort others. There is also "Comfort " dogs that have been brought into Orlando from all other the country to help the LGBTQ community and those that have been affected by this event. You should see a picture of them, seeing all those golden retrievers is so cute.

  • Alejandro Mantilla
    Alejandro Mantilla 2 vuotta sitten

    4kk4000 big ones4.000.0004,000,000nicely done phil

  • Shakespear William
    Shakespear William 2 vuotta sitten


  • Erza Firefly
    Erza Firefly 2 vuotta sitten

    Only 10 more to 4mil... Holy Shit.

  • George M.
    George M. 2 vuotta sitten

    I just wanted to tip my hat and thank you for your huge donation to the Pulse go fund me. You are truly amazing on and off the web. Much respect.

  • Christopher Cockney
    Christopher Cockney 2 vuotta sitten

    I found a candidate for your lovely lady of the day.

  • Ḳαяl ḱαґʟeκ
    Ḳαяl ḱαґʟeκ 2 vuotta sitten

    Youl look like rigdby from the bigbang theory

  • Henrique Auler
    Henrique Auler 2 vuotta sitten

    Phil, you have to talk about portugal and brazil memes war on twitter, it's funny as hell!

  • ImOakley
    ImOakley 2 vuotta sitten

    you sexy bastard

  • Daniel Enzlin
    Daniel Enzlin 2 vuotta sitten

    why do you make these ridiclous clickbait titles... it's not like you need it.

  • Vaughne01
    Vaughne01 2 vuotta sitten

    Hello Phil, long time follower from georgia. I simply wanted to thank you for all the hard work you do. I also appreciate your thoughts of what has happened this past week. I agree with you 100% that simply showing one giving the names of these people who commits these acts of violence only aid in promoting more violence. On that note my wishes go out to the families and loved ones who lost anyone in the club incident and to the Grimmie family and loved ones as well. Christina was indeed such a talented girl and a inspiration to many. May they all rest in peace

  • bebe7473
    bebe7473 2 vuotta sitten

    Hey phily d, I started watching your channel after the whole h3 issue and have loved your videos ever since. I appreciate your open-minded honesty and logical arguments amongst all the awesomeness. :p On a side note I am very interested in hearing your show today after the horrible tragedies in Orlando this past weekend.

  • BSG
    BSG 2 vuotta sitten

    your a fucking sexy badass man! (gradeAunderA)

  • Carly Davy
    Carly Davy 2 vuotta sitten

    Hey Phil, So There was a shooting the other day and about 50 innocent people had there lives taken away from them and i thought you would have been one of the first people to post something related to this, as soon as I saw it on the news i started to think how many people would of gone straight to youtube just to here what you have to say about it and thats exactly what i did and i know your channel is going dark for a few days but i really think if you posted a little video on it even just to pay respect to the people who died it would really make the nation feel a little more conformable hearing the honest words that resonate from your beautiful mouth.

  • TheOptimisticPessimist
    TheOptimisticPessimist 2 vuotta sitten

    The Waluigi Warrior says you're a sexy fucking badass!

  • NewPaulActs17
    NewPaulActs17 2 vuotta sitten


  • SerialPillock
    SerialPillock 2 vuotta sitten

    This has been a really rough weekend for the US. Stay safe!

  • CaptKundalini
    CaptKundalini 2 vuotta sitten

    Phil, I hereby nominate Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick #Douchbag of the day. . He tweeted it in response to the Orlando Mass murder.

    • Shafro
      Shafro 2 vuotta sitten messed up...

  • Naviii06
    Naviii06 2 vuotta sitten

    Take my babys

  • millie sherman
    millie sherman 2 vuotta sitten

    Look up what the STANFORD RAPISTS FATHER had to say. I tried to link it but I nominate him and his rapist for douche of the year... maybe even the century. Spoiler: he says should hide his rape better next time

  • Samuel Foster
    Samuel Foster 2 vuotta sitten

    Christina Grimmie died

  • Christopher Lininger
    Christopher Lininger 2 vuotta sitten

    Phil can you look into Grimmie's Death and tell us what you find?

  • Sam Watkins
    Sam Watkins 2 vuotta sitten

    PhillipDefranco, what is your stance on the #GoodGuyKeem vs The World situation?

  • B-KatM Egy
    B-KatM Egy 2 vuotta sitten

    Well the mean girl line in the sourcefed nerd vid wouldn't have been as sassy if you had recited the actual number of subscribers

  • Annoyed Trucker
    Annoyed Trucker 2 vuotta sitten

    Holy shit....almost 4 million subs!!! nice job PDTeam

  • StrikerZXT
    StrikerZXT 2 vuotta sitten

    Fuckin love PhillyD. Been watching for years now and never get tired of it

  • Aloventor Gaming
    Aloventor Gaming 2 vuotta sitten

    I didn't need Grade to tell me to say this, but while I'm here I might as well, YOU'RE A SEXY FUCKING BADASS!

  • C1phers
    C1phers 2 vuotta sitten

    You are one sexy fucking badass.

  • Black Rock
    Black Rock 2 vuotta sitten

    I remember when this cat started on YT back in the Skehan days. Who would've thought this this would last.

  • Diogenes
    Diogenes 2 vuotta sitten

    Anyone have the uploading schedule?

  • Albidalbi
    Albidalbi 2 vuotta sitten

    OI! you're a bloody sexy fokin' badass lad!

    • Stoob
      Stoob 2 vuotta sitten

      Now that was how to say it GradeAUnderA styleeeee! I was trying to work out the inflections but I reckon you nailed it there. :D

  • Fabio P
    Fabio P 2 vuotta sitten

    You sexy bastard!!!!!!

  • Andrew Fisher
    Andrew Fisher 2 vuotta sitten

    do you even stay in touch with steve or reina and are you also apart of their "secret work"?

  • Matthew Higgins
    Matthew Higgins 2 vuotta sitten

    So close to 4 mill Phil counting the subs! Fan for years, deserve this.

  • skinny720
    skinny720 2 vuotta sitten

    You sexy fucking badass!

  • BrawnyLion
    BrawnyLion 2 vuotta sitten

    Phil hope you caught UFC 199, absolute thriller. Unfortunately we lost one of the greats just 2 days ago. What a week.

  • How To Make Sushi
    How To Make Sushi 2 vuotta sitten

    Hello Philip DeFranco you are my favorite channel

  • Atlas
    Atlas 2 vuotta sitten

    sexy badass

  • Ryan Embry
    Ryan Embry 2 vuotta sitten

    Im wondering what your take is on the San Jose Trump rally riot? Would you consider addressing it in one of your videos?

  • nishlenny8
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    Hey Philip I wan't to reach out to you because one of my favorite channels Channel Criswell Is coming under fire from a copyright strike and subsequent lawsuit. The mans name is Lewis Bond and he does these film making analysis videos about the art of filmmaking He is really passionate about what he does and it would devastate him to have to stop doing it. It would mean alot to me, him and his 80,000 odd subscribers if you would bring some light on the situation so he could receive some support. I really dont want to see his channel die because of a fraudulent lawsuit. Here is a link to his channel Thankyou in advance ~SmexyRula

  • staticextasy
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    Philip, we need more people to spread awareness for the computer scams where they say your machine is infected. You have such a large base of subscribers and people listen to you. Could you do some research and then help spread some awareness and get people talking about it some more? These Indian scam artists are feeling like they do no wrong because it's just a job for them... It is fraud and a scam, they're robbing innocent people.. Look up Lewis's Tech channel on FIclips here, hes fighting back in a sense but it needs more talk and people need to know that these "microsoft certified technicians" are bullshit. I work for a company that provides Managed Services for small business and also residential PC repair/maint., it is something I see almost once a week. Customers come in with their machines and tell me "I think I've been hacked, i saw a message to call this number and I let them on my computer." There are many variants of how these so called "technicians" handle things, and many variations of what customers tell me but it is all the same and they fall for it, because they make it so convincing.

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    I love your videos Phil, but I really really REALLY wish you'd stop doing product placements in them. Can't you just save that stuff for the description? Seriously, I don't know any other youtuber who does this, and you're HUGE - you don't need to! If I didn't like you so much I would just stop watching, but I really hope you read this bro and have a think about it. Thank you.

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    *PLEASE READ* I know youtube maybe isn't the place for this but I really need everybody's help. I am a 16 year old boy who is going into 12th grade. My brother just graduated like a week ago with class of '16 and just a couple of night's after he graduated, he was in a fatal car accident. I don't want to go into detail. The reason i'm leaving this comment is because we set up a 'gofundme' campaign to raise money for his funeral and we REALLY need people's help. So if anyone is willing enough to even just send $1 or two, it would very much be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hey Phil, as a member of the nation and one of the MANY Beautiful Bastards out there... I love your videos. Often times your content is what I look forward to the most each day after work. Thank you for being a pillar of awesome hope and fun times (mostly). That being said, I am part of a large community of Vapers worldwide. I know a bunch of people see us as hipsters or douchebags. While that may be the case with some, the majority of us are legitimately using these devices to help us quit smoking. Speaking only for my experiences, I have quit using vaping. I have since helped numerous members of my family quit smoking, one being my father. He smoked for 30+ years, 3 packs a day and it helped him to put nasty cigarettes down. Now we have a dilemma in front of our community. The FDA is trying to shut us down. Mainly because Big Tobacco and Pharma make more money when people continue smoking. Cancer is a big profit for those behind the doors capitalizing on it. It's sad, but true. The truth about vaping is that it is safe. It has been tested and is factually 99% safer than analog cigarettes. I am reaching out to you in hopes that you will show some love to our industry and maybe talk about it on your show. I know it's a long shot, but it would mean a lot to have someone with wide reach to speak on our part. We are willing to offer any and all that we can to educate others on the matter., and many others have good information for the masses to learn from and they are fighting with everything they have to help. Please give this some thought and I really hope to hear back from you. Have a nice day Phil, thank you for your time

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    If you think the LGBT toilet law is laughable check this legal stupidity Oregon. Warning if you love children be prepared to be shocked and offended.

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    As a white male in Canada I lost a well paying job as a crane operator because when winter came and it was time to cut down on staff it looked better on paper to have a french Canadian female working instead of a boring ass English speaking white man working even though my peers recognized me as a better operator and I did the setups and break downs of mobile cranes and the lifting of outrigger pads for both of us. We got hired on the same day and had the same experience, we were friends and nothing was ever hostile between us, she was a petite french gal who couldn't roll the 50-80 lb wood mats around so i did both of ours. I still got laid off... Be careful, Mr. DeFranco when you spread rumours about white male privilege because not all of us experience this privilege and to most of us being a white male is much more of a financial burden than an advantage. We're discriminated against in scholorships, workplace entry, job retention, and in general in society we're told we have all of these advantages that we never get to see but are somehow supposed to still feel bad about.

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    PLEASE! Make a video about how Joey Salads drank and gurgled his own piss. Google it, he's a famous FIclips pranker and he does a lot of fake/cringe social experiments.!!!!!!!

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    are you going to talk about the open letter addressing all who treasured Monty Oum?

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    Some of his videos should be reported like "Let me get this out..." Which clearly is a serious title and the thumbnail is his sad face in front of an LGBT flag. I think we all know what he's clearly saying here, but it's just a cliché Q&A. This is the kind of guy who stays with the fine bros. After What happened (just noticed; of course he has ties to TMZ)

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    I am ashamed to say that my state ( Texas) is among those that have joined in on the totally B.S. Law involving the bathroom ban on trans people. I am not a transsexual or transgender, but I see absolutely no problem with what bathroom they want to go in. All they want to do, is use the facilities for their " business", and that's it. The only thing that would irritate me, ( as a mother) would be if they didn't wash their hands afterward. I expect it of my kids... I would hope that anyone would make use of the sink , soap and paper towels provided. It's just a matter of cleanliness... This political nonsense is going to get innocent people killed. It makes me sad.

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    I have just subscribed to your channel. Yes you do take a while to get to the 'headline' i suppose but i actually enjoy your opinion and open discussions about all sorts of issues. I watch so many videos of yours i didn't even realize i had not subscribed as you always pop up in my recommendations anyway. Perhaps you are missing subscribers because of this?

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