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March Madness StereotypesMarch Madness Stereotypes
March Madness Stereotypes
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Best of 2017 | Dude Perfect
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    enjoyed the channel

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    cool, how'd you come up with the idea for the channel?

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    ZeuS B Vuosi sitten

    keep grinding bro

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    Dana Prieto Vuosi sitten

    Looking for the best hamburger in Tulsa OK? Check out this video!

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    gianna d 7 vuotta sitten

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    underarmourob 7 vuotta sitten

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    sam 7 vuotta sitten

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    Conspicuous10 7 vuotta sitten

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    Tc Basketball Trick Shots 7 vuotta sitten

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    Zach Reed 7 vuotta sitten

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  • Jake Peterson
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  • goodpickin56
    goodpickin56 7 vuotta sitten

    what is the name of the song on the summer camp edition video? Please send me a message if anyone who is reading this know. Thanks! =)

  • Dylan Korsness
    Dylan Korsness 7 vuotta sitten

    amazing!!! i love your vids

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  • wizzFun88
    wizzFun88 7 vuotta sitten

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  • Eetu Nurminen
    Eetu Nurminen 7 vuotta sitten

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    Nikola Miljkovic 7 vuotta sitten

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    Der88397 9 vuotta sitten

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    Slade366 9 vuotta sitten

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  • BakeNasty
    BakeNasty 9 vuotta sitten

    That Is What I Call Beast!! Nice Shooting.

    GHOST PICKS CODY 9 vuotta sitten

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    GHOST PICKS CODY 9 vuotta sitten

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    We have to get togather nd shoot sometime! And great job with the hockey vid, but the red wings jersey? really? represent texas man! its all about the stars!!!!!

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    yall are legit. i just watched the thing on ESPN. I dig the FCA shirt btw

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    Luke Miconi 9 vuotta sitten

    nice guys, I am almost positive that the shot I just made is a world record, I hit a basketball into a hoop from 160ft away using a wood baseball bat

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    dude, perfect

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    I wonder how long it took to make some of these shots... lol

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    its ture he was on channel 1 news this is not fake

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