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RM 'moonchild' Lyric VideoRM 'moonchild' Lyric Video
RM 'moonchild' Lyric Video
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RM 'forever rain' MVRM 'forever rain' MV
RM 'forever rain' MV
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j-hope 'Airplane' MVj-hope 'Airplane' MV
j-hope 'Airplane' MV
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  • EclipZe Muzik
    EclipZe Muzik 3 kuukautta sitten

    cant wait for your next video!

  • Raj Beats
    Raj Beats 3 kuukautta sitten

    You have some really great music :) I produce a lot of music in your style. let me know if you'd like to collaborate some time

  • Aidah Kwagala
    Aidah Kwagala Vuosi sitten

    I love you BTS you guys make my Day! I love your guys music videos you guys got skills for dancing! My second day listening to you guys and you guys keep getting better and better everyday!:)

  • Destiny Swallows
    Destiny Swallows Vuosi sitten


  • Greeen Shoots Productions

    Your channel is great :) I would be happy if you subscribe me too.Thank you.

  • [세븐7] Sebun7
    [세븐7] Sebun7 Vuosi sitten

    안녕하세요. 세븐 것을 나나미입니다. 만약 BTS이 게시물을보고 있으면, 기쁘다. 사실 나는 최근까지 괴롭힘을 당하고있었습니다. 하지만 BTS의 노래를 듣고 강해질 수있었습니다. BTS이 있었다 준 덕분에 강해지습니다 감사합니다. 나는 일본 ARMY 그러나 05line 그래서 라이브는 안되지만 일본에서 '방탄 소년단'를 응원합니다! 앞으로도 응원하고 있습니다 좌천이나 컨디션, 부상 등에 조심하세요. 아,, 후 만약 아이돌이라 연애 할 수 없다. 라든지 생각하고 있으면 그런 버린다. 왜냐하면 누가 누구를 좋아한다고 말해봤자 여러분은 우상 앞에 인간 이니까 사랑도하고 좋다고 생각합니다. 앞으로도 무리하지 않고 즐겁게 춤추고거나 부르세요. 만약 무리하면 ARMY 그만 있으니까요 웃음

  • j3305
    j3305 Vuosi sitten

    so i know this is inpossible but if you guys do a concert in 2018. can you guys come to the netherlands, there are so much people who love you guys here ofc me too. it would be amazing if you guys come too this country. im going to keep hoping for this to be happening. so that was al that i wanted to say,goodbye.

  • Ana Chuc
    Ana Chuc Vuosi sitten

    I love BTS

  • Roxanne Richards
    Roxanne Richards Vuosi sitten

    Big Hits Entertainment, you made a fantasic choice when you put BTS together. Thank you for not cutting Jimin. I enjoy listening to them everyday and watching their videos everyday. I live in Montreal, Canada but if BTS comes to Toronto, Canada I will buy tickets.

  • LMS
    LMS Vuosi sitten

    PPLLLEASSEEE Subscribe to my channel it'll mean the world to me

  • [세븐7] Sebun7
    [세븐7] Sebun7 Vuosi sitten

    MIC Drop 일본어 ver 가사입니다! 'J-hope " Yeah 무엇 내가 더러워? I do not care 마이크가 안돼 그렇게 제지 게임 모로 니 용암 생 구이 스테이크 다름 세워 올려 붙인다 스타 ay 여기에서 World business (bang bang) 핵심 즉시 매진 (clap clap) 매일 또 없습니다 class 가치를 만끽 니가 망쳐 MIC MIC bungee "Suga" MIC MIC bungee Bright light 전에 패배 뻔했지만 I 'm fine sorry 미안해 Billboard 미안해 Worldwide 인기가 너무 미안해 엄마 그것은 하나 대신 너의 효도 내 콘서트에서 やるぜ 속공 I do it, I do it ya 맛이 없다 라 타투이 배 끊으면 c'mon man Sue it "V" Did you see my bag? Did you see my bag? 트로피 가방이 넘치는 "Jungkook" How you think bout that? How you think bout that? Haters 우리는 숨기는 "JIMIN" 황금으로 빛나는 빛나는이 성공 I 'm so firin 'firin'지금 염상 "JIN" 너는 초조 초조 도망가는 모습 "Jungkook & JIN" How you dare how you dare how you dare "Jungkook" 손에는 트로피 세어 란 나이 슈퍼 heavy 너무 안고 란 나이 "Rapmonster" MIC drop MIC drop "Suga" 전 전주의 그 마이크 마이크주의 "JIMIN" Lodi dodi 쉬고 란 나이 슈퍼 busy 너무 몸이 갖지 않는 "Rapmonster" MIC drop MIC drop 'J-hope " Rhyme rhyme주의 그 마이크 마이크주의

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi Vuosi sitten

    im so in love with yoongi

  • Atlantik Oyuncular
    Atlantik Oyuncular Vuosi sitten


  • maiely moura
    maiely moura Vuosi sitten

    나는 사랑한다 BTS는 나가 들리는 사람들이다 나는 나가 사랑한다는 것을 또는 나는 그들이 너의 경력의이 시간이 성장하고 다량 성장할 것이라는 점을 나는 몇몇 사람이 이것을 너에게 말했다는 것을 알고 있기 때문에 나가 단언 할 것이다 최고다는 것을 나가 알고 있다는 것을 있있다 나는 양궁에 너의 그림이 없기 때문에 너는 군대라고 생각하지 않는다. 너는 결코 너를 먹지 않은 군대와 쇼에 가지 않았던이 사람도 생각할 것임에 틀림 없다. 나는 우리의 사진을 방안에 가지고 있지 않다. 나는 군대가 통신하는 어떤 것도 가질 수 없다. 하지만 당신에 대한 사랑이 있습니다. 친구들은 미치광이가되고 있다고 말합니다. 왜냐하면 내가 증거를 가지고 떠났을 때 집안의 모든 방에있는 방의 방에서 교실에서 목소리를 듣기 때문에 나는 당신을 듣지 않고 잠시 머무르지 않습니다. 나는 당신을 생각합니다. 너무 바빠서 이걸 더 이상 읽을 줄 몰랐어. 너를 사랑한다는 선언이야. 남주 민, 김 석키, 지미 공원, 정 호석, 김대형, 전북국

  • maiely moura
    maiely moura Vuosi sitten

    I love bts are the best people I've heard I know that I say I love or that they are the best I will not convince because I know that several people have said this to you I know that this time of your career is growing and will grow even more I think I do not consider myself an army because in my archery there are no pictures of you I have never been to a chow of you, you must be thinking that army and this one that never went to a show nor does it have photos of us in the room, I can not have anything that an army communicates but I have love for you my friends say that it's getting lunatic because I hear voices from the classroom in my room in the room in all of the house when I left when I have proof I do not stay a second without hearing you I think you They are too busy to read this anymore. This was my declaration of love for you. bts kim NamJoon, kim Seoki Jin, JiMi park, jung Hoseok, kim taehyung, jeon jungkook

  • maiely moura
    maiely moura Vuosi sitten

    Eu amo os melhores são as melhores pessoas que ouvi, sei que eu digo que eu amo ou que são as melhores, não vou convencer porque sei que várias pessoas disseram isso para você. Eu sei que esta vez de sua carreira está crescendo e crescerá ainda mais. Eu acho que não me considero um exército, porque na minha tiro ao arco não há fotos de você. Nunca estive com uma comida de vocês, você deve estar pensando que o exército e aquele que nunca foi a um show nem o fizeram tem fotos de nós na sala, não posso ter nada que um exército se comunique, mas tenho amor por você, meus amigos dizem que está ficando lunático porque ouço vozes da sala de aula no meu quarto no quarto em toda a casa quando Eu deixei quando eu tenho uma prova Eu não fico um segundo sem te ouvir Eu acho que você está muito ocupado para ler isso. Esta foi a minha declaração de amor por você.

  • Sylver Complex
    Sylver Complex Vuosi sitten

    From the last several videos I've watch and the comments I've read, sounds like a wee hater or two has a virus up which is effecting the views and possibly the likes/dislikes and maybe even the comments but not sure on that front though I've heard it freezes the views or something along those lines. It pretty immature way to throw a tantrum but when a group blows up this big this fast you gonna get you some haters. It can't stop BTS, they already infecting people all over the world with their own awesome virus that I don't want a cure for.

  • Nuimee
    Nuimee Vuosi sitten

    I think you´ve caught a virus. Your account is spamming a link in the comment section

    • K S
      K S Vuosi sitten

      Those are fake accounts created by some no life anti. That's why the name isn't bighit but similar

  • FBC Entertainment
    FBC Entertainment Vuosi sitten

    안녕하세요. DOPE, DNA AND BLOOD SWEAT AND TAR 'S를 사용할 수 있습니다.

  • Kim Su Min
    Kim Su Min Vuosi sitten

    BTS IS BEST 😍😍😍

  • adicta-al-oxigeno
    adicta-al-oxigeno Vuosi sitten


  • Sophie Rawstron
    Sophie Rawstron Vuosi sitten


  • Sophie Rawstron
    Sophie Rawstron Vuosi sitten


  • Sai Mytheli
    Sai Mytheli Vuosi sitten

    15 minutes to go!

  • Anasanamun
    Anasanamun Vuosi sitten

    omg been refreshing the page.... so eggcited! *#@&$*@)$(EU@@$@($@)(U(@

  • Hannah Walker
    Hannah Walker Vuosi sitten


  • Sierra D
    Sierra D Vuosi sitten

    Ok, What happen? Who made BTS disable their Comment section on DNA? This is why we don't have nice things. 😒

  • Meilyn Córdoba
    Meilyn Córdoba Vuosi sitten

    me encanta suga y j hope y no voy a dejar a v por fuera

  • Hta hyang
    Hta hyang Vuosi sitten

    alguma brasileira aqui.....ou só eu,mais enfim,amoooooooooooooooooooo bts,e amanhã vão lançar mic drop!!!! to anciosaaaaa

    ALYA SAFA Vuosi sitten

    when will you drop the mic drop remix? im confused...

  • Shaiztha Rehana
    Shaiztha Rehana Vuosi sitten

    cant wait for mic drop remix <3

  • JungshookKookie12
    JungshookKookie12 Vuosi sitten

    Cant wait for BTS MIC DROP REMIX on Friday! I just cant wait to see it~!

  • Malu
    Malu Vuosi sitten

    Vai lança agr essa parada do remix de mic drop??

  • [세븐7] Sebun7
    [세븐7] Sebun7 Vuosi sitten

    BTS 최고

  • [세븐7] Sebun7
    [세븐7] Sebun7 Vuosi sitten

    좌천과 몸은 절대 조심 해주세요?

  • [세븐7] Sebun7
    [세븐7] Sebun7 Vuosi sitten

    안녕하세요. 나나미입니다. 일본 ARMY입니다 앞으로도 방탄 소년단을 응원하고 있습니다! 사랑 해요 나는 지금 12 세입니다. 내 친구도 좋아합니다 방탄 화이팅 (수수하게 자신의 자기 소개 있다고 말하는군요 w)

  • White Rose
    White Rose Vuosi sitten

    Hello Big Hit I'm an A.R.M.Y and I live in Greece and all armys here would like if BTS can be the first K-POP band that will EVER be perfoming here. . . Sooooo pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaase?!

  • Keith Camille Cadiz
    Keith Camille Cadiz Vuosi sitten

    when will the 'MIC DROP' MV be released?

  • Kim 신앙 BTS
    Kim 신앙 BTS Vuosi sitten

    ???!!!mic drop MV

  • chopsixteen
    chopsixteen Vuosi sitten


  • Rayén Inara
    Rayén Inara Vuosi sitten

    Dear ibighit, could you do something about this channel? Many fans go there thinking it is the real ibighit account. Thank you. ficlips.com/video/uWTdvLtVV5U/videot.html

  • 우꾸
    우꾸 Vuosi sitten

    이 계정 사칭이래요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Sakeena12 MSP
    Sakeena12 MSP Vuosi sitten

    7mil come on soon there

  • muchi776
    muchi776 Vuosi sitten

    hello... i love jimin! xddd

  • elena hristova
    elena hristova Vuosi sitten

    will you come to Bulgaria

  • zizou l'Algérien
    zizou l'Algérien Vuosi sitten

    hello i'm from sidi benyebka is i'm the little mother fills is i'm a fan of you btsss

  • zizou l'Algérien
    zizou l'Algérien Vuosi sitten

    안녕하세요, 저는 시디 베니 예프에서 왔어요. 나는 작은 엄마입니다. 채우십시오. 저는 당신의 팬입니다.

    JAIRUS BOY Vuosi sitten


  • Urur Msk
    Urur Msk Vuosi sitten

    ficlips.com/video/4LfJnj66HVQ/videot.html BTS Taehyung (V) Song

  • Softysaraaa - liaa
    Softysaraaa - liaa Vuosi sitten

    BigHit, your channel is great :) I hope more videos is coming up soon~~~

  • Our Maknae is a terror

    Congratulations to BTS and Big Hit for all of the upcoming events in the U.S. I knew after watching the SBS dance practice, BTS would be the group to make massive gains in our market. I have seen so many artists perform in the U.S. that I forget who I've seen at times and I knew even with the different language, BTS had what it takes to find success in the U.S. Their success isn't without Big Hit's strategic planning and business sense. Even when it was stated BTS was not advancing in the U.S., I knew Big Hit most definitely wanted to be the Korean label to succeed in our market when others haven't. I truly wish a song other than DNA could be performed for the AMA's but understand it is the one that topped our charts. For those at the AMA who know nothing of KPOP, DNA is lacking in a hook that someone can easily latch onto. Still, with the other scheduled appearances on Ellen and Kimmel, I feel BTS will be able to show the masses why they are transcending language barriers. Please do Dope, Mic Drop or even I need You for the mini concert or Ellen. These songs not only have killer choreo that would shock viewers, they also have hooks that are more memorable. Having our citizens feel as if they can relate is one key for gaining a massive following.

  • lotte
    lotte Vuosi sitten

    방탄의 ama 무대 기대합니다 개인적으로 dna는 임팩트가 부족한거 같은데 미국인들 인상에 와우!!! 하게 만드는 임팩트 있는 곡을 했으면... 퀸의 미국 데뷔 방송무대에 under pressure 라는 미국인 취향 아닌곡을 골라서 폭망한 사실 기억하시길...

  • arab army
    arab army Vuosi sitten

    Mwave thi is sitweb to mama vote

  • arab army
    arab army Vuosi sitten

    hey, ARMY pleas helps BTS in #mamavotinge2017, thanks thanks thanks!!!!!

  • секретики для дам

    BTS super. I love BTS.

  • Mariel Alejandra Pereyra


  • xtremegamertec
    xtremegamertec Vuosi sitten

    BIG HIT I Have a group of friends like to bts AND we wanna be idols to.

  • ExorSync
    ExorSync Vuosi sitten

    Bts should watch this....ficlips.com/video/5StBxkwy40k/videot.html

  • NiaKyla Styles
    NiaKyla Styles Vuosi sitten

    Hi!!! I hope you'll take time reading this/ I-ARMYs concerns Could you please put english subs in all BTS videos because, we international fans are having a hard time to understand what they are saying..... This is one of the things that we international fans struggle to so pls if you are able to read this, pls try to do something about it.... It would be really easier for us to understand what our boys are trying to tell.... It would REALLY MEAN A LOT if you would take action about this.... WE I-ARMYS WOULD APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH!!!!

    • NiaKyla Styles
      NiaKyla Styles Vuosi sitten

      This alss regards to the channel 'BANGTANTV'

  • วรศักดิ์ เกยานนท์

    wait for bts comeback

  • Khalifa Almadhali
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  • Nurdoğan Gündüz
    Nurdoğan Gündüz Vuosi sitten

    bts sizi çok seviyorum ne olur bana sizinle tanışma şansı verin ı love you bts

  • Gomawa Bangtan
    Gomawa Bangtan Vuosi sitten

    I think I heard the Pied Piper was banned because the work "V App" was mentioned. It's one of my favorites. Please have them sing it for their fans and let them know not to worry. Thank you.

  • Gomawa Bangtan
    Gomawa Bangtan Vuosi sitten

    I hope you read this. To Mr Bang PD. I have a lot of respect for you. My family has been into kpop for over 4 years and we've enjoyed great music, but have seen not such good entertainment model that you and artists work under. I know how difficult it's been. However, you have lifted up and injected new energy into Kpop. In US, many did not consider kpop artists or music seriously except for perhaps Big bang until BTS. Your boys are extremely unique and talented and well rounded. They are not cookie cutter like the other groups. But, there's been a huge purge of ARMY votes on Mnet and only small part of the other group's votes. I really don't think that this is coincidence that this happened when SM artist was losing or the fact the Wanna One (riding on BTSs coat tail) comes out looking good during this process. The fans are upset and having to be attacked online as cheaters. You tell me where on mwave website, the criteria of how many sns or what is allowed per family or Ip address. I really think this system of voting is hard on fans, lots of time and effort. Please consider more concerts around the world and don't participate in the mwave voting next year. Let them know you want your fans to enjoy their music and not spend so much of their valuable time voting. The ARMY will work on other projects for you and support the boys. This system is really not fan-friendly. Please be the leader in this industry and steer the ship in a different direction. I know you will find a way. You are a visionary, the other big companies think they are, but really aren't. My family will continue to vote for them, but please reach out to the fandome and make them feel better. A special song for the fans would be great!. Thank you! Also, please tell the boys not to be too upset over this. It's the system that's the problem, not the fandom. BTS is loved very much. Their music bring much joy to our family. Bless you!

  • Daniela Sanchez
    Daniela Sanchez Vuosi sitten

    언젠가 BTS가 캐나다를 여행 할 예정입니까?

  • Gucci_ TM
    Gucci_ TM Vuosi sitten

    Poxa big hit voces botarão blackpink como canais relacionados por favor troca

  • carlos g
    carlos g Vuosi sitten

    Thank you for coloring my life with your music. Praying is not the only thing I can do on my knees. For temptations like you there are sinners like me. If they knew how much I think about them, they would denounce me for mental harassment. I love them, they are everything to me. He will love you today and always Karyolis ...writing from another account

  • CreamCoffee
    CreamCoffee Vuosi sitten

    안녕하세요, 나는 BTS의 열렬한 팬입니다. 저는 영어입니다. 그래서 영국에있는 메신저 때문에 콘서트에 올 수있을 것 같지 않습니다. BTS를 모두 사랑할 수 있다면, 나는 그들을 사랑해야합니다. 놀라운 일이 될 것입니다.이 메모를 읽어 주셔서 감사합니다. 네가 행복하게, MangleGamer YT



  • flash anime
    flash anime Vuosi sitten

    good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ilove

  • Aashana Sharma
    Aashana Sharma Vuosi sitten

    사랑해 Bangtang Boys . i'm your biggest fan and I am from India . when I was 13 years old I saw your song Blood sweet and tears and fell in lovs with you all . Well i hope u guys might come in India also like other countries .. well I'm in a big hope that you guys might come in India , basically there are many Indians who doesn't know about kpop but in my school and in my surrounding Imade u very popular by your song , lyric , your style , your ARMY , and your fantastic members ..... well I fell in love with jeon jongkook .. and all the other members also  . Just for you guys I want to come to Seoul .. I love your culture . I love your food . I love your style . I love you all .. well one kpop band named EXO also came to India ( Mumbai ) also , then why not you ? saranghae from one of your Indian ARMY Aashana Sharma

  • Jonathan Guevarra
    Jonathan Guevarra Vuosi sitten

    Dear Staff of BigHit I am just wondering. Are you still making the mv's of BTS? Cause I've been waiting like hell for Go Go and Mic Drop. :)

  • iBasixBts Fanx
    iBasixBts Fanx Vuosi sitten

    안녕하세요 bts 난 그냥 정말 군대가되고 자랑 스럽다고 말하고 싶어요 당신이 아랍 에미리트 연합에 온 순간 나는 팬이 아니 었어 .... 다시 오실 수 있지만 이번에는 달마 몰에서 공연, 나는 당신에게 약속드립니다. 너희들을 지켜 보는 많은 팬들이있을 것이고, 나는 확실히 거기에있을 것이다. 아 ... 그리고 스가! 당신은 나의 편견입니다. 생일은 3 월 9 일에 당신의 생일이 내 것이고, 3 월 6 일은 당신을 사랑합니다. <33 메신저 팬

  • Dany Rodríguez
    Dany Rodríguez Vuosi sitten

    La primera vez que supe del grupo musical masculino surcoreano BTS creo que fue hace 1 año, no recuerdo bien, a través de alguna lista de reproducción o en algún buscador la verdad no lo recuerdo bien cómo fue la primera vez que los encontré.

  • meliida G
    meliida G Vuosi sitten

    For Jungkook, I would like to hear jungkook singing the song "Too good at goodbyes" Sam Smith, i really would like to hear it with jungkook voice. A lot of love to Jungkook, Jimin and J-hope From Morocco, please come to Morocco one day.

  • Jandra Poblete
    Jandra Poblete Vuosi sitten

    This is the first time I give the opinion about this band of beautiful boys I would like them to know that I love to be subscribed in this channel since I like to be ARMY and give an opinion on that.

  • gamza srisiri
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  • Vitoria Uechilei
    Vitoria Uechilei Vuosi sitten

    It's the most anticipated channel I'm so happy to be wringnt I can get closer to all of them#ILoveBTs

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    BTS Come To Venezeula PLEASE

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    @ibighit Can we talk, I need your help I am Ronaldo or Rony, I am 14 years old and I love a girl, her name is Carla, Carla and I love your music and I thought it was possible that the complete band (BTS) come to Monterrey, this are us dreams, if you say yes, you can tell me, if is not possible, don't worry. This is my e-mail: ronaldopolina@gmail.com

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    Vengan a Uruguay aquí también tienen fans ;-;

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    OIII Gente não queria incomodar mas será que tem como vocês usarem suas influencias no mundo digital para falar com as ARMYs sobre a votação do MAMA, eu sei que eu sou só uma ARMY mais eu to fazendo tudo ao meu alcance para fazer eles ganharem o premio, então por favor, obg!!

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    I love love love love love you!!!

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    Hey, where is my GO GO dance practice video? :V Wey, necesito reírme un rato, dónde está mi vídeo XD?

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    jungkook needs to make a full cover of justin beibers if i was your boyfriend, that 28 second preview isn't enough for me.

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    こんにちはbts私はあなたのビデオで奨励されている私はファンであり、Prountoはあなたを愛しているため、あなたがファンクラブを作るだろうし、ジミンもハンサムで誰もがメンバー私はそれらを愛し、また喜びをbiminに :)

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    빅힛 보거라 방탄은 underdog, 뱁새, 흙수저들에게 용기와 꿈을 잃지 말고 암울한 현실에 포기하지 말라는, 어느 기성세대도 하지 못할 메시지를 전하고 있는데 명품을 휘둘러 감고 나타나는게 뭔 짓이냐? 도데체가 생각이 있는거냐? 걔들은 싸구려 티셔츠 걸치고도 빛날 애들이다 save me 를 봐! 데미안이니 오멜라스니 다 잘난척으로 평가 절하된다 제발 명품으로 치장하지 마라, 애들 싸구려로 보인다

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    Dear FIclips staff of Big Hit I am from Nepal, I am a huge fan of BTS along with our Nepalese youngsters. And i am going to make a reaction videos on the music video's of BTS. On the other hand it will pormote your videos on Nepal too. So, i need your promisson to make a reaction video on BTS mugic videos. Looking for your positive reply. Name :- Kushal Rana

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    Dear BTS if you are reading this in 10\10\2040 please search for me and ask me if I'm still an ARMY or not , then I'll cry and say : "you don't know how many years I've been waiting for this moment to come" <3

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    Why there is less videos about other boy group cos i see full of BTS Videos only. I know they are very popular but should'nt they upload more about other group too or is it because bighit has only BTS ..Sorry i don't have much idea about the company or kpop so just was curious about bighit.

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    Big Hit, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE release a full version of the wings tour trailer remix! That song was amazing, so I, along with MANY others, dearly ask if it could be released. It will be anticipated.

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    I love BTS and die in them

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    오빠들 괜찮아요?지금 전번이랑 다 털렸다던데...힘내세요!!그리고 빅히트에서 이 글을 보게 된다면 제발 범인 좀 찾아서 신고 좀 해주세요!!제발...연예인도 사람인데 이러면 안 되잖아요...ㅠㅠ제발 범인 찾아서 신고 좀 해주세요!!

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    BTS ! Thank you so much .Because it's me DNA. I need V and U . DNA => Dương Ngọc Ánh =>Vũ Ngọc Ánh Dương

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    no me la creo que el próximo viernes es cumple de jimin y también viernes 13 día de asesinos :o like si lo sabias y no querias decir para no asustar a nadie :v

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    DNA <3

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    I wish I could become an idol as inspirational as BTS. I want to become independent like them and produce such amazing music. They don't understand me and I'm just being used. I want to leave and start elsewhere again. They say I'm selfish when I have given everything I could to everyone else. I have nothing. I want to start again.

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    On Stage Prologue deserves more views and I think it would receive them if subs were added. Please update older videos with subs or allow fan/users to add them., including BOMBS. BTS is amazing and thank you for everything! We love BIGHIT BTS! ficlips.com/video/Bt8648TNX1M/videot.html p.s. Y'all are doing great, sweeties. 😃❤️😃❤️😃❤️

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    jin is dog dead right ?

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    Dear bighit... I know this might be a bit mean or strict, but I don't know how our Angels are pulling through... I don't want to point out harshly, but so many people and ARMYs watching the concert vids of BTS are starting to realize how tired the boys are. It's hurting everyone. I know this may not be out of your control, but I, well... we, us ARMYs want you to do something about BTS having the time to rest and regenerate. Not only will this affect their performance, health and their safety, but this will affect the reputation of bighit itself. These boys, angels and miracles are bighit's FIRST PRIORITY. Without them, not only will you lose Korea's interest, but the world's interest as well. Many companies have been shamed upon because of their lack to prioritize the performer's health. I don't want the same thing happening to the bighit company, and especially to the members of BTS. Why can't you request two weeks, or a full week break after each concert? I know it may be a stretch, but if the boys are lost, then I tell you bighit, you will lose almost everything. This is out of love for the BTS boys. Even if I can't so much about it, I want to do at least something to help these angels. Taehyungie Jungkookie RapMonie Jinnie J-Hopie Jiminie Sugie Get these angels to rest please. The fact that ARMYs can see weakness in their actions and movements hurts us so much. I don't want bighit to do anything other than let BTS rest. If for some reason that BTS didn't get any rest and they're being worked up too much, then bighit, you are a failure. Please... I want these angels to be alright.... Not just alright... but healthy, and feeling free. Because they are my angels. And they can't fly without power, strength.... and their WINGS.

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    eu amei

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    Thanks for doing the survey for ARMYs... please thanks BTS and thanks for the hard work you guys do....please read the ideas for new merch cause some of them I have seen are really nice

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    Dear BigHit, I don't know what I would do without your company. Seriously, I think you have the greatest team ever!! Keep up the amazing work!! :D

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    mv for 21century girls plsssssssssssssssssssssssss

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    사생팬좀 어떻게 해봐요

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    La verdad que estos jóvenes traerán para esta generación cosas buenas. Sus letras, las he leído; su música, la he escuchado; su forma de vestir, su peinado y la forma de respetar a los demás, sobre todo el respeto hacia las jóvenes (chicas) en sus palabras y en sus actos. Son valores que se pueden rescatar de ellos. Y el valor tan grande de una AMISTAD VERDADERA. Agradecimientos para ellos y para todos aquellos que trabajan día a día con ellos. Sigan así y no se sorprendan por que se los quiere…¡¡porque son buenos jóvenes!!

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  • bunny
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    Sabe essas pessoas que querem que algum membro do Bangtan saia? Entao, elas não são armys. O Bangtan é formado por todos os 7 meninos, cada um tem uma ''função'' nele e sem algum deles esse grupo não seria mais o mesmo, ele não seria mais o Bangtan. O V tem aquele sorriso quadrado contagioso, que quando sorri faz voce sorrir junto. O jeitinho alienado dele (que é muito fofo aliás) é uma das melhor qualidades que poderia se ter. A voz maravilhosamente grossa que ele tem também contribuem para ele não sair do Bangtan. O J-Hope, aquela alma animada que grita loucamente nas lives do Vapp, aquelas maçãs do rosto super definídas que todos amam, ele é o animo do Bangtan, e junto com os meninos, ele vai fazer o Bangtan crescer. E aquela voz lindaaaaa que ele tem que ajuda os meninos fazerem os melhores raps e hip hops do mundo :). Entao ele tambem é uma pessoa super importante para o Bangtan. O Jimin, ESSA CRIATURA TEM QUE BOTAR NA CABECA QUE ELE É MARAVILHOSO DO JEITO QUE ELE É, ELE NAO PRECISA EMAGRECER PRA FICAR GOSTOSO, JIMIN O TEU CHARME É SER FOFO E NAO FORTAO. Bem, agora voltando ao assunto central; Ele é fofo, querido, um bolinho, ele é NOSSO mochi. Ele tem uma voz linda, uma voz doce, que quando as armys escutam ficam apaixonadas. O Jin, aiiiii o jin, ele n tem palavras para descrever o amor que sentimos por ele. Ele é a mãe do Bangtan sempre protegendo os meninos, e ajudando. O jin é uma pessoa doce, querida, educada e muuuuito divertida. Ele tem aquela risada que parece com um limpa vidros kkkk (que por sinal é muito divertida e todos amam), ele tem aquela voz aconchegante, (que é muito bom ouvir as músicas dele enquanto viaja, ou esta triste, pois ela te ajuda a relaxar), ele é lindo, e com certeza se saísse do Bangtan, muitas armys iam chorar por dias. O Jungkook, n tenho muito o que falar dele, ele é maravilhoso kkkk. E com certeza é um bom menino, que sempre faz de tudo para ajudar seus hyungs. Ele tem uma voz muito boa, ele é bonito, ele danca bem, ele é educado, ele sabe assobiar (coisa que eu nao sei), ele é divertido, ele é querido, ELE COM CERTEZA È O BB DO BANGTAN. Ele é outro que se saísse do BTS, iria levar consigo o Bangtan inteiro, pois ele n seria mais o mesmo. O Suga, o meu mozao kkkk, ele é meu utt supremo e nao é pra menos, ele é maravilhso. Ele é uma pessoa super boa, e alem de ele ser um dos que mais ''ajudou'' o Bangtan (n que os outros n ajudem), ele é uma pessoa super fofa, mesmo com seu sono que é causado pelas horas em claro fazendo coisas para o Bangtan. Ele é a pessoa que eu me inspiro para crescer, ele é meu idolo, ele é a pessoa que me fez perceber que tudo é possivel, por isso ele nao pode sair do Bangtan nem se quisesse kkk. O Rap Monster, bem... o que dizer desse lider?... Ele é outra pessoa sempre faz de tudo para ver os meninos felizes. Ele é o lider, e nao é para menos. Ele é maravilhoso. Ele tem aquelas dancas estranhas que nós nos matamos de rir, ele tem esse jeitinho fofo, ele tem essa alma protetora, ele tem esse espirito de pai, eu e todas as armys concordamos com isso. Entao ele nao pode sair do BTS. O BTS É COMPOSTO POR 7 MEMBROS, TODOS ELES JUNTOS! O BTS É FORMADO PELO: KIM SEOKJIN MIN YOONGI JUNG HOSEOK KIM NAMJOON PARK JIMIN KIM TAEHYUNG E JEON JUNGKOOK. ELES SAO PESSOAS MARAVILHOSAS QUE MERECEM UM LUGAR EM SEUS CORACOES. Pfv ajudem o Bangtan crescer ainda mais de hoje em diante. BANGATAN FIGHTING!!!!

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    esse e o elhor cnl

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    DNA 뮤직비디오 앞에, 빅히트 로고 좀 빼길.. 뮤직비디오 반복 재생의 걸림돌.. 뮤직비디오 앞에.. 로고를 넣는 경우는 없음..

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    Где их дэнс практики выходят?

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    FOR BTS ... You guys are an example to follow; they have never been overcome by difficulties. I admire their commitment and their struggle. Each day they have overcome the obstacles that have been presented to them. Guys, keep being the beautiful people you are. I wish you the best of this world, because you deserve it. And you know "Always forward, not a step back" Take care .. Kisses and hugs.

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    Hey, did Europeans done something bad to BTS? We want to see they come here, pleaseeeeeee!!

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    Hi. Thanks for the new albun. In the new MV you can see the great work of production behind. These people are the ones I want to thank for being responsible for BTS shine. And thanks for MIC DROP, the best song for me. Kisses from Spain.

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    Ya like music from video games? Do ya like having a hot steamy erection? Then come on over to my sex lair of a youtube channel and click on my playlist called Smaug's Hard Molten Golden Dragon Shaft.

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    ficlips.com/channel/UClUUm_SPXEicAwMbCjjtNLw this is the fake channel of ibighit, pls take an action to stop this channel

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    when will be the next song is going to be released??(love yourself album)

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    ficlips.com/channel/UCOaNiYRtB7EN6XLJQ8JcsVwabout 이런거 저작권 침해 아닌가요?

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    Dear Big Hit, I would love to learn the DNA song and other BTS songs choreography, so is it possible that you could mirror them because if you did then thank you so much but if you can't then that's fine.

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    hey you guys more love on Ibighit less hate, Thank you so much you guys!

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    i would like to say that the come back was amazing i can’t exepress because i lost the words and i would like to thank you all of you , you really worked hard i’m proud of bts and you and i’m so thankful because you take care of bts our congratulation the come back was really successful i will look forward to the next i love you all of you i love you bts army forever fightiiiiiiiiiiiiing !!

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    ficlips.com/channel/UCo8UWp4ouW84THp-G7PE1NAdiscussion this channel need reporting. She keeps update the audio of DNA.

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    BigHit please do something about the issue. It is spreading and ARMY is unable to contain it.

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    BTS and BigHit, Best of luck for 'HER' and 'DNA'. ARMY loves you very much and waiting desperately for the MV. Lots and lots of love from us, all around the world. 😍😄

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    Where is BTS DNA mv at ??? why BIGHIT WHYYYYYYYY i wanna see the mv sooooooo bad i cant find it any where and i just keep watching the trailers over and over again but they are tooooooo short please please please upload the video i cant wait anymore im going crazy just sitting here and doing nothing just waiting for the greatest moment in history so yeah thats all i got and Thank you so very much for getting Bangtan together and i just want to say how greatfull i am and that you dont get enough praise for that so once again Thank you so very much From,A.R.M.Y. BTS Fighting

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    ⚠️ WARNING TO ALL ARMIES ⚠️ DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS TOMORROW(TODAY)! ESPECIALLY FROM 'ibighit giveaway' IT PLANTS A VIRUS IN YOUR DEVICE PREVENTING YOUR VIEWS FROM BEING COUNTED! Please spread. We can't let them win. Also, there is going to be a ton of hate tomorrow as well as antis disliking and reporting. We have a lot to do guys. Brace yourselves👍

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    Dear Big Hit , Just want to give suggestion , in malaysia that have 1 school that full with bts fans , then i just suggest to big hit staff to do some reality show for bts at that school . For long time bts didn't do reality or some game show . This is my suggestion . Thank you . LOVE FROM MALAYSIA . Bangtan Fighting !!

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